Usb Keyboard wont work During xp install!!!

By bencaston ·
I am working on a dell 5150 desktop, and I am trying to do a clean install on it. And I am allowed to select my boot device, and even hit f6 when installing to select my raid driver... BUT when i am at the menu to select to repair or do a clean install nothing! and i mean nothing will work on the keyboard. I though that maybe legacy wasnt selected in the bios nope every usb feature is on. Also there is not f_lock key or anything of the sort on the key board. And its not some wierd key board its just a regular usb microsoft keyboard. Any way its windows xp pro with sp2.. So any ideas beacsuei havent found anything about it.

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Why not get a USB to PS/2 adapter

by DadsPad In reply to Usb Keyboard wont work Du ...

This will be handy if you should ever need it again. The PC is built to use a PS/2 keyboard when computer is not runing windows.

Good luck!

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No ps/2 adapters on comp

by bencaston In reply to Why not get a USB to PS/2 ...

Well i would but there doesnt seem to be any ps/2 adapters on the comp. Dell has created another magical computer.

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Ouch! Are you using USB on the monitor or PC?

by DadsPad In reply to No ps/2 adapters on comp
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by bencaston In reply to Ouch! Are you using USB ...

Pc. And i even thought that maybe only the first 2 slots are live during a windows install.. but still nothing.. Im not really sure what dell was thinking about this one.

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Any Ideas???

by bencaston In reply to pc

Im trying to get this users machine back up and running and my head is blank.

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Try this link

by DadsPad In reply to Any Ideas???

It advises it might be a Hard drive problem not being recognized. The page suggests to:

Change the SATA operation mode to "RAID Auto/ATA" press ESC to save and exit the bios. After making this change, Windows XP should install without a problem.

I went to and asked the question. If this does not work go to and check for solutions.

Good luck.

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by bencaston In reply to Try this link

I will try that stuff thanks alot

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FIX to no USB Keyboard/Mouse problem!!!

by aestheticlament In reply to Try this link

So, granted my solution might be a bit isolated as I'm using one of my company's image CDs.. Well - upon coming up, problem was that it was hanging on a driver I couldn't either cancel or locate.

My solution? I started disabling every device it was looking for JUST long enough to get it through the initial installation. Now I can go turning things back on in the BIOS now that Windows is on the machine...

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by mob_memba In reply to Usb Keyboard wont work Du ...

I know this is a fairly old post, but its the first thing I came up with when searching for the identical problem. It just totally malfunctions the keyboard, with no obvious alternative. Did you manage to solve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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