usb keyboard works briefly and then stops

By connla ·
Recently changed mobo and cpu (from asus board and amd phenom to a gigabyte and an I5) andused sysprep to preserve my windows

had a few hiccup on the way but its all working now

except for my main keyboard a Tt Meka mechanical keyboard which when i plug it in works fine for about 20-30 seconds and then stops

it has power as the lights remain on and if i plug my mouse or other keyboard into the usb slots on the meka keyboard they both work.

it has no specific drivers associated with it and i've reinstalled the intel usb drivers from the mobo website.

windows continues to recognise the keyboard, it shows up on my devices panel, but it just wont work.

Any ideas?

Quick warning: while my reinstall was successful there were 2 hiccups

1. my new mobo doesnt support IDE so my old dvd drive is no longer working and I am waiting for the delivery of anew one.

2. cause I am using hdmi on an old samsung hdtv and a fairly new radeon gfx card, I am unable to access the bios due to handshake error over resolution. If I need to access bios I need to swap gfx card to an old one I own to access it. Which I rather not do unless I am sure its an issue that needs a bios fix

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