usb mass storage

By joaquinespino1 ·
my mass storage device is not working i see the remove device button but no drive and i got a code 10 for the driver i got the mad dog exterenal hard drive and running win xp sp2 can some1 please please help me.

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ned more info

by Dr Dij In reply to usb mass storage

has it been working?

I have a seagate 300 gig and it rock solid.
If a little slow for my large file editing (I might have 5 120 meg files open at once for example).

Try removing the driver under ctl panel system and it should reinstall might solve. USB drives may not have extra drivers tho now that I think about it. You can look in there and see if a ? or red x on device tho.

If problem with drive itself:
try on another PC. At least this will tell you if drive is bad or your OS needs fixing.
also try in another usb port.

There is also the chance that the sectors got scrambled but no hardware problem. I had to reformat a second 300 gig drive when power went out while I was backing up to it.

IF you can see it on another PC get all you can off it, maybe purchase another drive to copy files to; I got a 160 gig usb drive at fry's for $50!

then reformat it

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by joaquinespino1 In reply to ned more info

i tried all and i still can't get anything. i also think it has something to do with either the regedit or the driver cause it gives me code 22

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