USB mass storage device not recognised by any computer

By ulrich_karthik ·
hey, well my usb hdd was working perfectly fine till two days ago when all of a sudden my laptop stopped recognising any usb device. i re installed my usb drives and those are working perfectly fine. but now my external hdd is not recognised by any system. the power supply is working and the hard disk seems to be functioning but its not recognised by any computer. please help.

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your Laptop USB & HDD solution

by ctchandra In reply to USB mass storage device n ...

Dear friend,
but the problem main thing System working time you removed the HDD connection?, so that was currepted, can you check the Bios setup the USB is enable or not. then check which HDD is booting? then restart the system,HDD jupmer remove put next side and try. same happening you next do to save the HDD DATA, after extrenal HDD make format and make partion. but you have to make sure Data is safe.but any case you have to mention which Operating system your using?
try my friend and all the best!

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by DanKe In reply to USB mass storage device n ...

It could be dead, sorry to say.

Plug it up and put the hd to your ear - see if you hear it making a pattern (kind of like a start up wizz and then peaks, then stops, then does it all over again and again)

Is windows giving you an error?

If you are plugging it up to different computers with no response, then my guess is go buy a new one.

Sorry =X

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