USB Mass Storage - Driver - Data Invalid

By risques ·
I have a client with an XP home PC (major brand so support forums easy to check)- SP3, up to date, with current mainstream Anti Virus, with an odd USB problem.

I have checked previous posts with similar titles and tried a selection of the suggestions provided all without relief from the problem.

Issue - Clients own USB devices work, Clients USB Flash drives work, Clients Ipod works, a new phone obtained recently when connected searched for a USB driver with the error message 'Data Invalid', USB inserted reports driver not installed properly.

Device Manager shows all built in hubs working but with the recently inserted USB device yellowed out. Other ports show driver correctly installed, put her USB stick device in while this disabled device connected and it works perfectly so driver installed and not missing. Other device still dead.

All hubs deleted along with all relevant USBStor files, after a restart the situation as as before.

I have tested the power output to the various USB ports and the useable ones all have a power rating of 100 or 200mA which I know is below the required 500mA. So I suspect it's a faulty USB controller with the already recognised devices OK but all new unpowered USB memory sticks and even my Ipod (as USB file store) is unrecognised. So here am I with my bootable USB drive holding an image of the drivers am unable to load the files required to effect a driver reload.

Does anyone have similar error messages and an obvious repair that I am missing?

I did suspect virus activity but online scans only found the usual tracking cookies and associated Ad ware. Registry is now clean and optimised, Drive defragged and scanned no issues yet.

I am reluctant to do anything major to the system

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Mobile phones come with bespoke driver software ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to USB Mass Storage - Driver ...

You cannot simply connect the mobile phone via USB and expect the computer to adapt.

The mobile phone SHOULD have been accompanied by a sotware suite on CD. If this is not present you'll have to visit the phone manufacturer's online site and download the drivers and other software (image manipulation, etc) that is specific for that make and model.

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You need to install the Software for the Phone & OS in use here

by OH Smeg In reply to USB Mass Storage - Driver ...

USB ports can supply up to 500 MA but that doesn't mean that they will supply 500 MA. If the system works otherwise except for this Phone and any devices that you plug in you need to first install the Phone Software and then look at weather your devices are supported by this OS and Platform. They to may require their Own USB Drivers.

While most XP Based Computers will accept a range of USB Devices without the need to install Drivers this by no meant implies that all will work. If thew devices that you are attaching require their own USB Drivers these need to be installed first and ideally not from a USB Stick as if it isn't recognized it can not be installed.

As you have already deleted these USB Ports and associated Software it is possible that you have deleted the generic Driver that allows many USB Devices to work.

Remember that the USB Standard was developed by Apple and was latter accepted into the PC World so what Apples Standards are may not reflect what is possible on a PC.

Doesn't sound like any form of Virus Activity to me but the fact that someone who doesn't know what they are doing has attacked this computer and broken it. :)


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Thanks - unhelpful ramblings are not required

by risques In reply to You need to install the S ...

I take it from your post you are a virus expert and can post about the properties of same. If not, maybe you should remain quiet until a question about which you are an expert arrives.:)

Mobile phone software works, as her old phone is same model, the new one only larger internal memory, all existing USB items still work, old phone works and connects.

The mini memory card from both phones is recognised when inserted in the SD card slot so its not that either.

Old phone / new phone are supposed to work as a USB drive, which incidentally is how the manufacturer describes use in manual as drag and drop to device.

Page from manual says "The computer will dsiplay phone as a removeable disk when you open My Computer"

Incidentally thanks for previous respondant re power I have found one of the clients old small capacity USB disks and can copy paste files between two connected at the same time, so drive letter allocation and usb driver and hub system appears OK and power to USB not necessarily an issue.

All existing devices work when connected to my laptop so they are not faulty either.

I will report further when I have tried a powered USB Hub.

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This has been discussed before

by risques In reply to USB Mass Storage - Driver ...

have a look at -

and the associated thread.

Additionally look at - Microsoft



I would hate to go through this again, next time now I have a working 'image' I will just reinstall, saves hours of searching and waiting for questions to be answered.

regards to all.

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