USB Mouse and Keyboard not working in windows?

By rhetoriccamel ·
Hello everyone, I came across this forum and decided to try my question here. It seems to be unanswerable for a lot of people but I'll give you guys a shot.

I have a dell dimension **50 running windows xp and here is my problem
-First off the computer has no ps/2 connectors
-I start my computer with the mouse and keyboard plugged into the usb ports, it works outside of windows (F2 to get into the bios, F8 to do a safe start, I can move around in them with the keyboard)
-I get into windows and the mouse and keyboard don't work at all, I can't navigate anywhere
-I unplug the keyboard and mouse and restart and plug them in when windows is loaded it says it loaded the drivers, and since I have an optical mouse I know it's getting power, but it's not working at all.
-I've tried every USB port on there and I get nothing
-I plug in my Creative Zen Vision:M and it starts charging and the quick open window opens up but I can't select anything because the keyboard and mouse aren't working
-I get power to my flash drive but can't do anything because once again the keyboard and mouse

Before all this trouble I was having troubles with my dvd burner and came across a fix for my problems, or so I thought, using regedit, these were the instructions
In the Open box, type Regedit, and then click OK.
Click the plus sign (+) next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
Click the plus sign (+) next to SYSTEM.
Click the plus sign (+) next to CurrentControlSet.
Click the plus sign (+) next to Control.
Click the plus sign (+) next to Class.
Click {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
On the right hand side of the window, click UpperFilters.
Click Edit on the menu bar.
Click Delete, and then click OK.
On the right-hand side of the window, click LowerFilters.
Click Edit on the menu bar.
Click Delete, and then click OK.
Click File, and then click Exit.
Restart the computer normally.

To my surprise there were about 15 different "4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318" in there so I went to all the Upper filters and deleted them (I don't remember the names, there were 3 upper and 3 lower)
I restarted the computer and now here I am with this delema.

once this happened I tried rebooting in safe mode, I tried last known good configuration, and I even had a tuneup utilities backup that I made about a year ago that I decided to try out. None of which helped. I've tried everything in the bios (which is barely tweakable on a dell). I even restored the bios settings to factory default. And still nothings

My ideas at the moment from reading around are to
1. Buy a new USB card, but it doesn't look like they're interchangable, and if I needed a new one why would things be read through the usb but the keyboard and mouse still don't work?
2. Buy an external HDD case for an SATA hard drive, take it out of the computer with the problems, hook it up to the usb on this old computer and try to fix the registry (somehow) that way.
3. This is a very last option that I really don't want to have to do, but reinstall windows (don't know if you can do it without being able to navigate windows anyway). I have a couple files on there I can't risk losing (but I guess I'll have to if it's the last option there is)

Any help, ideas, or anything would be greatly appreciated. I hope I gave enough info for this to be answered.

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This is what I would do

by rickrbyrne In reply to USB Mouse and Keyboard no ...


If you did go in and delete all the upper and lower filters, that could cause an issue. So.... What I would do is either Restore the Registry if a Backup was made, if not I would do a system restore to the point of this change, and then go in and make a backup of the registry, and then go delete just the upper and lower filters that you need to delete. Also my self if this system has been running XP for a while now, why not go ahead and give your computer a nice new clean install. Anyways let us know how it goes for you.

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by rhetoriccamel In reply to This is what I would do

I would do a restore if I could even navigate through windows but I can't, once in windows no matter how i go in (safe start or any other method) once in windows it doesn't work. I had a back up made about a year ago with Tune Up utilities 2006, and that comes up at every restart when still loading in dos and I've tried using that but still couldn't do anything in windows.

You think putting that hard drive in an external case and plugging it into the USB of another computer I would be able to restore the upper and lower filters that I deleted?

Just to clear up any confusion the only way I'm able to be typing this right now is with my old 1.04GHz computer.

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Did the same thing, need more direction

by smartkw In reply to This is what I would do

OK, tried puting in a PS2 keyboard and mouse and didnt work. I tried to put the WIN XP home edition CD in and went to the restore option but all i get is the c:\windows prompt. The keyboard will work in this but that's it. I understand some of this but how do I restore back a few days when my keyboard or mouse don't work. need direction. thanks.

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by Alfa11 In reply to USB Mouse and Keyboard no ...

I would check in the BIOS if the legacy USB option is enabled.
Have you tried with another mouse or keyboard to see what happens?

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by rhetoriccamel In reply to Idea

I have tried with 2 other mouse and keyboards, the bios is set right, usb enabled.

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Didn't mean that

by Alfa11 In reply to .

I figured it out that USB was enabled, as you could access BIOS.
The option I meant was USB legacy or something like that. That option has to be enabled to make mouse and keyboard work OK.

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by rhetoriccamel In reply to Didn't mean that

Yeah thats enabled to.

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May Help

by Travler92 In reply to USB Mouse and Keyboard no ...

Are you able to remote to your other computer?
If so uninstall all of your USB Controlers / Hubs and devices in Device manager and then select scan for hardware changes for your USB Controlers.

Good Luck

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by jsmith In reply to USB Mouse and Keyboard no ...

I hit the same problem, k/b works in bios or boot cd, but not in windows (legacy usb or not). Mouse LED goes out as soon as you get to the welcome screen. I tried everything.

How I got it to work was to put a USB PCI add-in card in the system and boot. The system found the drivers for the card and then the the mouse & keyboard started working (they were plugged into the onboard usb ports). Shut down and removed the card and all has been ok.

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What I did to solve this

by nonidentity In reply to USB Mouse and Keyboard no ...

Put in a std keyboard and got manage devices and delete keyboard and reboot.

Also - when I had the initial problem I booted up, press F8 and select boot with debug and it then booted up with keybd working - why - I dont know why - do care and moving to Linux

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