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USB Mouse Issues, Help!

By abrannon ·
I am going to have my boss take a look on Monday. I thought the wisdom of the internet could help me. I have a computer I just recently rebuilt. The reason I rebuilt it is I got a bigger hard drive for it. Plus it had been a couple of years since it had a fresh install. Since then I can't use a USB mouse. My USB printer is fine and I was able to hook up my USB pen drive.

So Far I have Installed the Motherboard chipset drivers, USB Drivers, and flashed the Bios.

I have 3 different mice I have tried.(all work in other computers) I have an older Intellimouse 3.0, and MS Optical , and my travel mouse. (All USB) The travel mouse works the best but even sometimes after awhile it stops. The Intellimouse 3.0 when it doesn't work will just show up in Device Manager. The MS Optical Mouse will show up and Device Manager will say Device cannot start (Code 10). Sometimes Windows will give me an error in the sys tray saying it had problems with my device. If I am able to click for more information it ID's the mouse and suggests to reconnect it. And it informs me that if that doesn't work to try and different device.

Now this is my USB on board the Motherboard. At this point I would say that the MB has a problem. Except, I installed a USB 2.0 card I had. It work fine for awhile then it went right in to the same behavior. So I have eliminated Any hardware issues, so it seems.

This leaves windows as the problem, though I haven't a clue as to what. It is a new install, I could try a repair or maybe installing the SP2 again, I don't know.

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by pjcannon In reply to USB Mouse Issues, Help!

Did you install usb drivers that came with the motherboard or use the native XP drivers? Have you loaded mouse specific drivers? Will a PS2 mouse work? Have you checked the evnt log. Error code 10 is a driver issue wether usb or mouse. Can you boot into safe mode? Have you tried booting with no other peripherials attached? XP SP2 seems to work best for me when using only native XP usb drivers.

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by dmiles In reply to USB Mouse Issues, Help!

The following procedure may assist in resolving any problems stemming from an incompletely installed driver.

Attach the USB Device to the port where it is not functioning correctly.
Click on START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL. Double Click on SYSTEM and select the Device Manager tab.
Look for your USB device in the list in Device Manager. It will probably have a Yellow circle with an Exclamation in it near the icon for the USB device
Single click on the USB device name to highlight it. Click on the REMOVE button at the bottom. You will be given a message box that says "Warning: You are about to remove this device from your system." Click on OK. Close Device Manager.
Unplug the USB device and then reconnect it to the same USB port. The system should bring up the New Hardware Detected window and proceed to prompt you for the installation drivers for the USB Device. Follow through the process, referring to your USB Device manual for any specific installation selections or configuration.

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by w2ktechman In reply to USB Mouse Issues, Help!

I have seen similar problems if there are other devices attached powerd by the USB port, but usually it wil generate a popup error stating that there was not enough power to start the device.
Another thought is conflicts or incompatibility with the driver for the unit. If there are conflicts, change the settings. If it is an incompatibility, try loading MS Intellimouse or loading the mouse/keyboard drivers for the unit. Also check the Bios settings and make sure that it is set to auto detect (notebooks). Another thought is to remove the USB printer and reboot, then see if the mouse works.

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