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Usb mouse stopped working

By peterbakker ·
Laptop nec versa m400

Reloaded it
Downloaded drivers from nec
Put service pack 2 on
Loaded hp psc2310
The mouse was working ok
Took it back to the client
The mouse stopped working

Thnaks Peter

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by Frenchwood In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

Ok - i guess with the SP2 references you are referring to XP.

This sounds like a hardware failure.

Either that or the USB root has given up.

Do any other USB products work? It might be worthwhile checking all of them with a USB device you know works.

Also - Check that SP2 hasn't screwed with some other pre-installed software, it likes to do that to keep you on your toes!

Shout back if the USB ports work ok.

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by peterbakker In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

usb network adaptor works ok

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by NewITGuy In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

try a different usb port.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

I would first be testing the USB Mouse in a different computer just to make sure it's still working. If it isn't you know where the problem is and if it is you'll have to dig into the Device Manager to see if the USB ports are still working.

I take it that you plugged in the mouse before booting the unit as they tend not to work all that well if plugged in after the event.


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by peterbakker In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

mouse is ok
usb port works with other usb devices

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by rentvpm In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

There may be a conflicting device having the same IRQ number disable this device and rebbot I think this will solve your problem

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USB Mouse stops working

by daled In reply to

My wife noted a similar problem when undocking an iPod shuffle from an XP Media Center PC. We get multiple windows sounds when she uplugs the shuffle (should only get one) and the mouse stops working. She used the uplug tool first too and does not make any difference. Unplugging and replugging the mouse gets it working again (or rebooting). It is a major nuisance and Apple support is still working on an answer. Was not aware that USB devices were associated with IRQs. Looking now I see that the Intel Host controllers are and roothubs are not. Hard to navigate to look for conflicts when the mouse is hung but may be able to get there too look using the keyboard. Sounds like this sort of problem is common but few common solutions. Appreciate any ideas.


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mouse now working

by daled In reply to USB Mouse stops working

I plugged the ipod into another usb port and the mouse as well and the problem resolved itself. I did not first check in device manager to see if conflicts appeared with any of the USB devices, but taking a clue from an earlier post in this thread, perhaps that was the cause. Many machines have several ports. For problems like this, I suggest trying what I did.

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Same problem/System Restore

by haYnguy In reply to Usb mouse stopped working

I installed SP2 and had the same problem. But, all USB devices were not working. It isn't hardware failure, because my wireless usb keyboard was able to open the BIOS menu at startup. if hardware failure was the case, the keyboard wouldn't work at all.

I did a system restore and everything is back to normal.

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