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By simplyfoli ·
my retractable mouse use to work fine. Now it says it can't be recognized and/or as a malfuction. I wrote to the manufacturer and ask if there were additional drivers to download. The answer was no. That I only needed to plug my mouse and it should work.

I've noticed that ever year I have to buy a brand new mouse as there always seems to be a problem after one year. I'm getting pretty sick of this.

Anyway is there anybody that can assist me re my retractable mouse?

Thank you very much

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Either the wires wear out and the connection breaks

by seanferd In reply to usb mouse

which seems a likely thing for a retractable mouse, or the port it plugs into is bad.

If a different mouse will work, the current mouse is bad.

Since the mice seem to go bad every year or so, I'd think maybe you should try a non-retractable mouse.

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Try out this little app.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to usb mouse

USB Power Reset 1.01:

It might just do the trick of resetting your usb port power.

Hope all goes well.

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Don't buy another Mouse - buy a Hamster instead ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to usb mouse

Hamsters don't have a tail, so if it doesn't exist it can't malfunction.

Buy a Wireless Mouse.

*You'll still have to plug/unplug the receiver but you're doing that every time with the retractable mouse anyway.

Edit for *

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Well my experience with this type of Mouse is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to usb mouse

That the Wires in the lead break from the constant movement in use and retracting the leads on some models.

The wires are very small and thin and over time the constant bending will eventually break them. If you are constantly having this type of failure you need to try a different type of Mouse either one with thicker leads or a Wireless type.

I have found that the wires break mainly at the USB Plug or the Mouse end where the wires enter the mouse housing and this is caused by a tight bend at this point when the user tries to get that little but more movement rather than pickup the mouse and move it back up to place more slack in the lead. You can not stretch the lead as it's eventually going to break.


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