usb not connected

By flflhtc ·
I receive an error message (usb not connected) when trying to scan from hp4200 but have no problem printing to this device. Any suggestions?

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Ideas to try...

by tmdaviss In reply to usb not connected

These are generic, as you didn't actually list the HP product you are using. HP offers a '4200' in practically every equipment area. So...

* Be sure you have installed the complete driver software. Some are print only.
* Check on the permissions where the software was loaded to be sure the system AND all users have complete control of the process.
* (This may sound silly, but...) Make sure you are using a USB cable. Ethernet, parallel, and other devices will not provide 2 way traffic with most attached multifunction devices.
* Download the most recent driver available from the support site.

Try these as your simplest troubleshooting tasks.

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OK it's more than a bit difficult to answer this one

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to usb not connected

Without knowing exactly what a HP4200 is because they make a lot of different devices with this Model Number, but here I'm assuming it's some form of MFP and the printer works but when you go to scan something in you get the above error message.

This sounds as if you have all of the software installed but either not the Scanner Driver or you have not setup the Scanner after installing the associated software. With most MFP you need to install the Printer Driver & Software first and then after you have connected the Printer through a USB Lead you continue and install the various Scanner Software and Driver.

Generally speaking the Scanner is setup by the Software after the Driver is installed but some need to be manually setup and most times though not all times The Install Process installs the Scanner Driver First and then the associated Software for Scanning.

However if this device isn't connected directly to your computer and you are accessing it over a Network with a lot of MFP's it's possible to print remotely but not scan as you need a direct connection to scan in images. Here it all depends on the device itself if it supports remote use.


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Scanner Software

by shadocg In reply to usb not connected

Sometimes HP installs a separate HPScan application which must be used when scanning.

Look in your Program Files folder and see if this is the case.

Good luck!

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