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    USB not detected on Windows 2000


    by ewehbeh ·

    I have a machine that is running on Windows 2000 with service pack 4. I have two USB ports on the machine. I used to be able to detect my USB early on when I connected something to them, but now I don’t. I tried some of the solutions that are posted for the Windows XP, but that did not work either. I do not see them listed in the disk management either. Any idea on how to resolve this would be appreciated.

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      by ewehbeh ·

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      Device drivers bad?

      by unhappyuser ·

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      Your device drivers may be bad. The USB ports won’t show up in disk management but under Device Manager.

      Right-mouse click on My Computer and left mouse-click on Manage.

      Double-click on Device Manager and check for any devices that may be disabled or not working properly. Find the appropriate device drivers from the manufacturer and download them. Delete the USB devices and reboot. Windows should find the “new hardware” upon reboot and reinstall them. If you’re asked for the drivers, point to where you downloaded them.

      If the issue is not resolved you may have a more serious issue like a hardware failure or corrupt Windows files. The latter might be resolved by installing Windows over the existing version to replace the corrupt files- back up your data first! ; – )


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