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USB pen storage devices enterprise solution?

By mdeane ·
Has anyone successfully implemented a USB policy for their company? We are trying to figure a solution for the demand of USB storage devices. We want the devices to be secure. If there was some way a USB pen drive could authenticate to active directory I would be a happy man.

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You may be overmanaging this

by amcol In reply to USB pen storage devices e ...

I've distributed 256mb USB 2.0 flash drives to everyone in my organization, without worrying about special encryption or any other extra security measures.

We make it clear to everyone that the flash drive is to be used for temporary file transport only, just as you'd use a 3.5 inch floppy. Everyone understands that whatever's on the flash drive is not subject to network backups, and that they should avoid putting sensitive or confidential information on something that all too easily grows legs and walks away.

We've not had one single problem in the year since we implemented this policy.

Treat people like adults and professionals, and typically they'll act that way.

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Try the Lexar JumpDrive Secure.

by ServiceTech In reply to USB pen storage devices e ...

Checkout the Lexar JumpDrive Secure.
It is an encrypted USB 2.0 storage device. When you attach it to the machine you get 2 available drive letters. One unsecure and one password protected.

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Nice idea

by amcol In reply to Try the Lexar JumpDrive S ...

But a little on the expensive side. They're about twice as costly as most others on the market, which is obviously a function of the encryption capability.

I know, security is priceless. However, considering how cheap non-encrypted flash drives are and how easy they are to buy, it doesn't matter if you equip your users with these things and require they be the only type used...someone will go out to Joe's Fly-By-Night Computer Stuff and buy and use whatever they want.

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Secure USB Drive

by ServHi-Tech In reply to Nice idea

You have USB drive out there that have a certificate embedded in the device that the network admin add through the company software utility. In that case, your certificate must be valid on the domain to be able to read the data on it. To read the data when the user is out of the office, he need a passphrase to access his/her data. You have some SecurID that have the ability to be a smart card and a usb drive at the same time.

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by pgerloff In reply to USB pen storage devices e ...

is really your best defence here people being people will always try to get around measures you put in place. I would work out what kind of size device the users need and if the company will foot the bill bulk buy as many as you need and distribute them, or at least recommend a good brand(for good and cheap i have used sandisk cruiser with much success). them educate the users explain about having adequate backups including a compy in a folder that is backed up on the network. tell them not to bring in spurious files etc etc etc. the users will be happy and more co-operative and you will have less head aches

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