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USB port driver error causes bsod on startup

By RbnsnBkpkr ·
I have a friend's computer that cannot start normally, always gets the bsod, with anything plugged into any of the USB ports. With nothing plugged in, it starts normally, but as soon as I plug in something to the USB port, I get the bsod. Safe Mode does the same thing. Unfortunately, I can't use the keyboard or mouse for this problem, because this computer doesn't have PS/2 ports, so I have to use USB for those devices. I can start from a Windows XP disk and the USB devices work fine. I've also started it in Linux and the USB devices work fine. What can I do to fix the USB drivers so it doesn't cause a bsod?

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Well start it from a XP Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to USB port driver error cau ...

Then go into the Device Manager and delete the USB Devices. do a Hard Restart and allow the system to install the default USB Drivers and see if that helps any.

Of course knowing what caused this to start happening would make life a lot easier as you would know where to start looking.

Also if you posted the actual BSOD Error Message it would tell us what is going wrong here.


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execute a non-executable memory, USB drivers

by RbnsnBkpkr In reply to Well start it from a XP D ...

I can't get to the Device Manager without a mouse and keyboard, unless you know of a way to start from an XP CD and access the Device Manager that's on the hard drive. The error message came up Attempt to execute a non-executable memory. Stop: 0x000000FC (0xF7ADD8E8, 0x073c3963, 0xF7ADD848, 0x00000001)

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Sorry the way that I read your initial post

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to execute a non-executable ...

Was that you could Boot from a Install Disc

But according to M$ this is a Driver Issue see the full description and possible cure here


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