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USB Port Issue Breaks Network?

By mcedigital ·
I have two NEW Windows 2003 SBS R2 Servers. Both are exhibiting the same issue after a recent Windows Update where all the USB ports stopped working and now there is a popup in task bar that keeps displaying the message ?USB Device Not Recognized.?

I first noticed a problem when the previously working USB keyboard and mouse locked up. After rebooting they were not recognized and the system hung after the Windows Splash page until I unplugged ALL USB devices. I could only get back I into the server by switching to a PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

This issue just developed recently and appears to have also broken network communications between the server(s) and other network resources. All of which worked fine before whatever casued this.

I uninstalled what I thought was the offending Windows Update and rebooted the server without success. There is one persistent ?Unknown Device? in the USB Controller section of the Device Manager that I can not get rid of. When I uninstall it stops the ?USB Device Not Recognized? popup for a short time but then it is re-detected, installed and the error popup returns. I have no idea what this ?Unknown Device? is, there are NO USB devices plugged into any USB ports.

I found a few similar issues in my Google travels but nothing specific to my issue. I have tried deleting any hidden / unknown USB devices in the device manager and rebooted but no luck

This one is a real head scratcher I would be greatful for some help with this one. My network is down until I can fix this

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