USB port performance issue

By Shriks ·
"Your USB device can perform faster if it is plugged into a high speed port"
This message and its pop-up listing unnamed list of ports rattles me to no extent.
I wonder where these ports are on my system and who designed this interface that has absolutely no use.

I hope those who read understand what i am talking about as I am unable to upload a picture of this pop-up.
I use Win7 Ultimate on an HP pavilion config.

How do I permanently resolve this issue?

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Not sure there is a permanent resolution,

could be a driver from the OEM, might search their site for an updated driver. This sometimes happens on systems with both USB1 and USB2 (probably USB3 as well) ports, and you've plugged a USB2 device into the USB1 works just fine, but at a slower speed. I just close the popup and go on about my day.

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My understanding of this message is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB port performance issu ...

That you have plugged a USB 2 or 3 device into a USB 1 or 2 Port and the OS is telling you that you're device can perform faster if you plug it into a similar speed port.

It in no way implies that you have those higher speed ports on your computer just that you are using a USB Device that can perform faster if you plug it into a faster USB port.


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