USB ports erratic on winXP

By libskrap ·
on various desktop pc's, the USB ports (used for printers and keyboards, primarily) either work erratically or stop working. the problem is for those ports only, and solved by moving the device(s) to another port. the first port is essentially dead, as it cannot be used for anything else. These are white box pcs, and work flawlessly in every other way.

Has anyone encountered this? Is there a fix, or do the ports just wear out over time?


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M$ introduced some USB problems with some Patches

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB ports erratic on winX ...

Their solution was to shut down unplug the computer for several minutes and then plug back in and and reboot. Don't ask why but it does work and cures quite a lot of the USB problems that where introduced by several of the Windows Patches.


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Problem with USB ports

by anura_jayasinghe In reply to M$ introduced some USB pr ...

I used a rear USb port for my printer connection and recently it failed to link with the computer. Subsequently when used a fron USB port it began to work.
Can any one explain why the rear USB port failed. I am using Win XP OP.

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This depends entirely on how the USB Ports

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problem with USB ports

Are connected to the M'Board.

If they are on a fly lead and connect to a Header Pins on the M'Board they have less power available to them than the ones that are directly soldered to the M'Board or may not even be connected properly if at all.

If they are a direct connection to the M'Board and do not work you need to look at the available power or USB Drivers and maybe the number of Enabled USB ports in BIOS.

Depending on the M'Board maker you can have several different USB Ports in the back of a computer that connect in different ways and some of these particularly the ones on Fly Leads can be disabled in BIOS to preserve power or make the original installation easier as they do not require specialized drivers that are an extra to the Windows Drivers. Sometimes these extra ports are not enabled and fail to work because of this and other times this results from a lack of available power as the M'Board can be over taxed when many USB Devices are connected and sucking power out of the system.

It's also possible that whoever setup the system failed to properly connect extra USB Ports that are on the back of some computers again this is directly related to the M'Board used.

What you need to post is if this Port worked previously and is now no longer working or if this was a new installation that failed to work. The answer for both of the above possibilities is completely different.


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Along with Hal's suggestion

by w2ktechman In reply to USB ports erratic on winX ...

I have tried several things for this issue. Unplug all but essential USB devices, get the USB drivers for the system and uninstall/reinstall the ports.

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Part 2: of my problem

by kristindewey In reply to Along with Hal's suggesti ...

Oh yes and I have tried unplugging everything; unplugging essential USB (mouse< keyboard), and nothing is helping.

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Did you also reload your MB drivers?

by w2ktechman In reply to Part 2: of my problem

Often the MB chipset driver houses the USB drivers.
Update your BIOS and reload the chipset drivers.

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delete usb devices in device manager

by sgt_shultz In reply to Did you also reload your ...

and reboot without any usb devices attached.
i expect somebody already mentioned this.

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Ok--so how would I delete the usb devices if I can't even

by kristindewey In reply to delete usb devices in dev ...

get past the first screen??

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which first screen?

by w2ktechman In reply to Ok--so how would I delete ...

Where exactly does your system stop booting? Is it before Windows loads?
If so, you may have other problems.

When it stops, does it ask for a boot or HDD password? Does your keyboard work at all? Please list specifics

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by kristindewey In reply to which first screen?

It does stop booting before Windows loads. Last night I was messing around with it and it said "BOOT failure. Insert BOOT disk into Drive A:" I now know it is not my USB ports not working. My keyboard works since I plugged it in as a PS/2 port. I normally would hear the fans and (I call them drivers) start up, but not with this problem happening. IBM can't help because they no longer support it. THANKS!!

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