Usb ports not working???

By LouieL ·

My usb ports just stopped working the other day and nw i cant access files that are on my flash disk.
Ive tried reinstalling the usb drivers but my efforts were fruitless and now am stuck!!!
Ure assistance will be highly appreciated!

FYI under my device manager the universal serial bus is not listed and am on Windows Xp!!!


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Plug In Card

by TheChas In reply to Usb ports not working???

The end solution may end up being that you need to install a PCI USB controller card.

First, check in BIOS settings that the USB function is enabled. If it is, some USB device may have taken out the USB hardware. If the USB function is not enabled, then enabling it should bring your USB ports back.

Second, make sure your IT department has not disabled the USB function for security reasons. If so, you need to follow company procedures to restore your USB access.

If this is your own computer and there is no IT support group involved, then you may have to install a USB controller card to get your USB ports back.


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Are you

by mamies In reply to Usb ports not working???

Are you using the ports on the front of the computer or on the back of the computer.

If you are using the ones on the front, try plug the USB drive into the back of the computer, if this works then we can say it is the connection between USB ports on the front of the computer to the motherboard.

If you have already tried the back and still have no luck, boot the computer with a linux disk ( Ubuntu is a popular and easy to use linux version and then try the same thing again.

If this does not recognise the device then I can safely say that the Hardware may be at fault and a new USB controller will need to be purchased.

Also some other questions to think about:

1. Does the USB Device work in any other computer?
2. Does any other USB Device work in this computer in question.

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