usb ports not working.....?

By adamzt ·
I have a laptop with 3 usb ports and all 3 do not work they are all faulty after i accidently plugged in my charger in two ubs ports and the 3rd usb port is broke. I have heard of a usb hub but to use this you need at least 1 usb connecter is there any chance i can buy a usb hub with a different connection apart from a usb connection?

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Yes you can buy a USB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to usb ports not working.... ...

PCMCIA Card that plugs into the PCMCIA Port of a NB or if you do not have a PCMCIA Port you can get a Cardbuss USB Card to plug into the NB's Cardbuss port.

You of course need to know what type of Interface your NB has to buy the correct Card. You can also get a USB & Firewire Card in this format as well if you require Firewire support.

It would be a good idea to use a Powered USB Hub as well to prevent destroying any more USB Ports. Also with USB Hubs you can connect up to 128 USB devices per USB Port.


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by SKDTech In reply to Yes you can buy a USB

A USB controller allows for up to 128 devices, the controller and hubs count as devices. So in actuality it is 127 devices total per controller.

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?? You plugged in a charger

by w2ktechman In reply to usb ports not working.... ...

to not 1, but 2 USB ports? I dont even understand the first one. But 2 :0 :0
Must have been a bad day huh?

Anyway, if you are certain that you fried the ports, then look for a PCMCIA to USB adapter.

If the ports are not actually damaged, try uninstalling them in device manager, and installing the chipset drivers for your system, and reboot.

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Depends on the laptop

by Bizzo In reply to usb ports not working.... ...

If your laptop has a pcmcia slot, you can get a USB card that fits in there.

Edit: the link above should include the "(For-Notebooks)"

Or if it has an expresscard slot:

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