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USB ports not working.

By Aysun ·
Okay, here's the deal. I just got a new motherboard and processor.
Motherboard: GIGABYTE K8NSC-939
Processor: AMD ATHLON64 3200

I attempted to install it myself, ended up getting a tad confused and calling a tech guy to help. Everything is working now.. except the USB ports.

I've checked BIOS, they are turned on, I've checked the device manager, there are no 'problems' with them, I've re-installed the drivers in an attempt to get them to work.. still nothing. I'll plug something in and the computer doesn't detect that it's there.

Please help. I've tried everything I can think of except for breaking into my case and checking to make sure everything is connected where it should be for them (as they better, considering I payed $60!).

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by Aysun In reply to USB ports not working.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB ports not working.

Depending on your OS which you didn't mention the most likely problem is with the M'Board.

If these USB Ports are appearing in Device Manager and you've installed the correct drivers they should just work. If you have a known good USB Flash Stick try that and see what if anything happens but failing that I think your only option is to Return the M'Board for replacement.

As you are obviously running some form of Windows you'll need to know that you need to have some version of 98SE or newer to have USB support but if the Ports are appearing in Device Manager with out any marks beside them then they obviously are not working on the M'Board.


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USB problem solved

by dalexanderx3 In reply to

The motherboard is faulty. Thanks for the help

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by brian In reply to USB ports not working.

If these are the ports on the front, they probably need to be connected to the MB. There is usually a header or 2 on the MB that allows for extra USB ports like the ones in the front of the case. Each header connects 2 extra ports. There are an odd number of connectors as there is a common ground. If you pop open the case and get a flachlight to look closely at the board you should see USB printed on the MB. Alternatively you can check the MB documentation to see where these headers are. Trace backwards from the front of the cae where the ports are to find the end of the connecting wire. There may also be a connector for sounf that usually looks the same but has more wires and may say AC 97 on it. In addition there could even be 1394 (firewire) depending on your case. The USB connector is probably not marked coming from the front of the case.

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