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Usb Ports Stopped working

By connectknee ·

I have a Dell inspiron 1100 laptop that operates on Windows Home edition sp2 with a 2.4 celeron processor and 512mb of memory. I turned on the computer today and found out that my USB mouse would not work and also my HP 1300 all-in-one that is plugged into a USB port was not recognized. I suspected it was the usb ports so I went to control panel and then went to system/device manager and the usb ports were running and enabled. I uninstalled them and rebooted. The mouse and printer were not recognized after windows installed the drivers for the usb ports. I am at a loss. What can I do next?
Thank you,

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

You've obviously installed the latest MS Patches recently. They have a tendency to break USB hardware.

Remove both the Mains Adaptor & Battery for at least 30 seconds and then refit the battery and reboot.

Reload the drivers and it should now recognise any USB device plugged in but you'll need to install the Drivers & Software for the HP.

If this doesn't work you'll need to remove the drivers for the USB Devices and reload them according to the directions given by the maker.


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it worked!

by ssjgurly In reply to

After trying everything short of installing a new motherboard, your advice worked. After taking out the battery and leaving it out for 30 seconds, I rebooted and everything worked! I laughed at the simplicity!!

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It worked

by plinjen In reply to

You are the best. this worked!!

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by wcp In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

There are three probable causes, corrupted Windows, bad USB ports (not the driver), or bad USB ports connectors (i.e. bad MB).

There is not an easy way, if there is one, to test which one of the latter two might be the cause.

Assuming it was the corrupted Windows, the only way to test it is to back up your data and clean install Windows. If this does not resolve the problem, take your laptop to a PC repair place.

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by hairang In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

May be your Usb is jammed. Try another port. or just restart sytem after removing that devices and connect

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by p2r2k In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

I had a similar problem w/ my Toshiba laptop - after I upgrade my Windows XP home edition to professional edition, all my USB ports stopped working. I sent it to BestBuy for repair (my laptop was under warranty) and they reinstalled the XP home edition, afterward the USB ports work fine.
Try your disk recovery/repair that come with your laptop. You can also try to uninstall or remove the sp2 (service pack 2) if you installed it.
Hope this help.

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by bkchick76 In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

im curious about what you did to remedy this problem. i had the same thing occur to me this weekend. and id like to take care of it ASAP

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Try this...

by beckieh In reply to curious

I found this solution a month or so ago when the same thing happened to me. Shutdown your PC. Unplug it. This apparently clears any residual power on the motherboard. Leave it disconnected for a few minutes. Reconnect everything, boot up your PC and your USB ports and devices should be working again! Let me know if it works for you. Good luck!

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Listen to Hal or wpc

by w2ktechman In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

those are the best bets.
usually it is as WPC stated, 1 of 3 and hard to tell.
Best bet is to download the drivers for your MB's chipset then install it (many chipset drivers include USB). Or if they have it, the USB drivers.
If that does not help, go into device manager and remove all USB anything, then scan for changes. Sometimes that works too.
If not then Hals response would be best.

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usb port is not working

by anilkumarnarayan In reply to Usb Ports Stopped working

my usb port is not working i tried lot by using diff kind of experiment like i reinstalled all the drivers window xp too, but just after installing xp port working but after one to two hours the same problem occur again, i manage all the hardware wires is any one is here who can heilp me i m using
mb 946 gigabyte
cpu core 2
ram 2 gb

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