USB ports strange problem?

By Kerah ·
i have a Toshiba satellite C650 lap top win7 operating system and the problem with the USb ports as described
- when i connect my mouse its OK and there are no problem
- when i connect my stack flash, its OK to explore the contents
- when i try to copy from the flash drive to my lap the USb ports gets out of use and i must restart my lap to get it back in use.
- i have checked the drivers for the USB and it was OK
- i have reinstalled the operating system but the problem stilled in apperance
- if any one face this problem before please lets discuss

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have you tried the USB sticks on a another computer?

by markp24 In reply to USB ports strange problem ...


have you tested the usb stick on another computeR?
have you tried formatting the drives from that machine?
check power saving settings in the bios? (i doubt it, but see if these some power saving feature on the usb ports, and disable it)

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Reponse To Answer

by Kerah In reply to have you tried the USB st ...

- yes i have tested the usb stick on another computer and it works good
- i have formatted all the drives
- checked the power saving in the bios
i have tried every thing you told but the same problem appears

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Reponse To Answer

by MichelSimon In reply to have you tried the USB st ...

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Is it possible your stick or system is going into auto sleep?

by LocoLobo In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

This hasn't happened to me with a stick. But it has with several USB HD. You might check the power settings.

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Reponse To Answer

by Kerah In reply to Conflict USB or FireWire ...

thank you i made this edit but the problem appears again after a while and when checking the registry again i found the changes i made disappears so every time i must make this changes.

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This is going to sound strange but ....

by Awahili Guni In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

Some computer manufacturers are coy! They may display an OS (won't matter if it is a Win, Mac, or What-Not - with as many as 6 to 8 USB ports just to lure a buyer.

Sadly, in this case "LET THE BUYER BEWARE" - ask tons of questions upfront! What you see is not what you always get;

Let's put it this way, supposed you purchased an OS with 6 USB ports in back plus 2 in front. WOW - what a steal! Is it really?

What really is behind all of this is the major problem:

You could end up with having 2 USB ports which are the Main Core USB ports, the other 4 being the Sub-Ports (in the back); while those in the front are "limited access USB ports with limited of you-name-it". It is exceptionally good idea to ask the salesperson to death tirades of question even if he/she is unable to provide you info or data; then make him/her go to the Tech Department and get that info before you buy! (After all - it is your $$$ isn't it? How would you like for me to sell you a huge Hotel in Las Vegas with a nice sandy beach front with a fully loaded Marina where Millionares can park their Yachts? Get the idea? Don't be fooled with what all is in the "specs" or aka info.

WHY? Specs (Specifics) aka Info, doesn't always provide you all the info you need; they just provide you specs to get you drooling just as a Used Car Salesman would sell you that Lexus but won't tell you that there's a cracked engine they welded nor would they tell you that they had welded some other parts with hopes that you wouldn't take it to the Tech of YOUR OWN for inspection but of theirs if you did elect to do so ... for want of an illustration.

One option is - finding that "Main USB port" is the issue; usually unless yours was custom built, one can find out via the Manufacturer; if they are honest enough to tell you where 2 or 3 or if you are lucky you have 4 (on newer models) if it is a desktop.

Try the connections there and see what happens - whether it be hooking up your camera to USB port to a flash drive; trying various things will let you know this is a main USB port. If Printer to Digital Camera works on it and some of the Flash do, except one. The chances are the Flash has gone D.O.A. (I'm sorry to report that - I've had some 32 GB and 64 GB Flashies that have passed away and have learned that "name brands" are no different than "generics", in fact, my generics have superceded in the lifespan of the name brands which I find that a little bit ironic.)

Give this a shot and see how it goes I am going to make another post of another two options you can do

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Reponse To Answer

by dogknees In reply to This is going to sound st ...

Where in the OS is the number of USB ports set? I thought it was the motherboard that set this.

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by .Martin. In reply to This is going to sound st ...

maak_123 shouldn't be having troubles with this, as this is a laptop, and most USB ports will be soldered onto the board. furthermore, I have never really seen any problems with ports, unless you put on cheap 'multi-adapters'

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Two Options you can do:

by Awahili Guni In reply to USB ports strange problem ...

In Win Vista / Win 7

Go to Start, in Search - type in "command.exe" (without the quotes) - once it comes to manifestation - right click and run as Administrator and a pop-up will appear.

Type exactly like this without the quotes "sfc/scannow" - if this is the first time you have run this feature, it will take some time; this will repair everything in the Windows from registry to whatever and yet, you can be online or offline and do whatever you need to do while it's running in the background. (Doesn't take much resources, but I do strongly recommend that you first clear cache files, temp files, run the disc/disck clean up, etc first.)

Once it has been completed it will provide you notifications if you had any errors and the specs on this, for example - integrity errors were found and were repaired. (Just for an illustrative purpose)

I do recommend people to reboot as soon as you complete this, and above all things - keep your OS up to date always!


If all else fails - while I am only a Windows Certified here and I cannot speak on Mac or other OS Systems - I can advise you the other option is for XP (Microsoft is disconitnuing support here), Vista, and 7 is:

Going to Control Panel to Device Manager and delete ALL USB port related hardware found on the list after you have backed up and created a System Restore first. Windows automativally will detect and reinstall - this usually resolves the issue 98% of the time.

At the last resort - is going to Microsoft "Fix-It" (clicking on Windows - select your OS - and then select hardware - install the program and allow Fix It to resolve this issue.


< b> TO THE ORIGINA POST APPLIED ABOVE: I do want to make an admendment for I realized I forgot a sentence: It is generally a good idea to contact your OS Manufacturer, either via their website of if you have the info handy that came with your OS; then give them a call first. </ B>

<i> I hope all this helps! And good luck and do keep us posted!</ i>

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