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USB printer incompatible

I have tried two different printers with my Dell Win98SE and both have cause my computer to go haywire. I have troubleshooted with the printer manufacturer, but it just worsens if the printer is left installed. I can defrag, scandisk in DOS, reinstall the drivers for the printer, reinstall my program Picture It Publishing,etc all to no avail! Then, unconnect the printer and reconnect my old Canon with the parrellel port connection and it works as if nothing ever happened! I have the belief that it is because the new printers are USB that I am having these problems. Is anyone able to inform me of how to handle this? Someone MUST have had these problems before!

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by pierrejamme In reply to USB printer incompatible

I never had much luck with the original USB ports found on Win98 computers, but had excellent luck by installing a PCI USB card such as an adaptec USB 2 card. They are also faster. I know spending money on an old computer is rough, but you can reuse the card if you ever update your computer. It's getting harder and harder to find anythig but a USB printer these days, sorry ro say.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to USB printer incompatible

yep. sure have. yep, due to usb support in win98 being very buggy. there are many patches you must apply to get this to work. motherboard and windows. sorry i have too much work to help more detailed but you need to search for usb troubleshooting win98 at
you don't need to buy a usb card, although if that works it's a great idea. if it works, it is probably because it patches windows when it installs...easier. but it can be fixed with enuf hair pulling. once you get usb patched and working you might have separate problems specific you your printer. let us know how it goes and post exact printer model numbers....

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by wlbowers In reply to USB printer incompatible

Dealing with usb issues in Win98 is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure and temper.

More and more devices are transitioning to the usb format. Your will see legacy ports start to vanish from systems in a couple of years.

You can try a usb card but it is doubtful you will get any better results.

Your best bet is to do an os upgrade.

Good Luck Lee

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by CTOS In reply to

It is probably the right way to go, but I love my 98SE. I have installed the XP upgrade but in time had problems and rolled it back to 98.

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by lady12farwalker In reply to USB printer incompatible

First install all your updates and patches. then run a spyware program, and you'll be able to install your usb printer. I also have win/98 with a comppaq A1000 Printer and have had my share of usb problems. You may need to go th the devise manager in your system and remove your usb hub, uninstall the printer drivers, and disconnect the printer from the computer, then reboot your computer and reload the usb drivers with out connecting the printer, after you have loaded your printer drivers, connect the printer and reboot windows again. I should tell you it found a new hardware and is installing the software, If this doesn't work go the the add new hardware in control panel and add the usb drivers there.
Hope this helps.

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by CTOS In reply to

A lot of work, isn't it! Nothing seems to come easy when it comes to computers! My troubles and problems and errors were getting so ridiculous, I just reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything. I am keeping your suggestions though, because I KNOW I will come up to this problem again. I will attempt doing your suggestions anyway, specifically the USB part, as the printer is returned to the store for now. Thanks!

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by CTOS In reply to USB printer incompatible

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