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    USB printers


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    I am an amateur ‘C’ programmer. I have been using an Epson 4oo printer which works well with the usual printing functions eg
    fptr=fopen(“prn”,”w”) followed by
    fprintf(fptr,” etc etc).
    I have now bought a Lexmark printer 1380 which will not work with this coding. I suspect the difference between these printers is that the Epson uses parallel connection whereas the Lexmark uses USB.
    Is there a way around this problem? Nothing too complex please!!

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      Printer properties

      by bizzo ·

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      Not 100% sure if you can do this with USB printers, but …

      Open the printer properties, and you should have a “ports” tab, click this and check the box for “LPT1: Printer Port”.

      This should allow you to print as you have been doing.

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