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usb problems

By jeffwolgamot883 ·
i am installing a netdsl from msn/quest on the netdsl unit the usb light does not light up as it should do i need jumber or drivers or what!!
i have a hp vl 6/233 6 mt series

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by kvedaa In reply to usb problems

There are several possibilities. It is quite possible the USB DSL ?modem? will require drivers. I would suggest that you look online for drivers for the specific device that you have, if the manufacturer does not have an obvious web page I would suggest using google to search based on the make and model of the unit.

Another possibility to look into would be the functional status of the USB port on your system. I would check to see what your operating system reports as the status of the USB controller is. You do not mention what OS you are using, but I would check for any conflicts, also keep in mind that it is possible to disable USB from BIOS in many computers.

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by InletGroveHS In reply to usb problems

As mentioned above, the USB ports themselves may not be functioning properly.

Have you tried using some other USB device on the USB port you are trying to connect the modem to?

Also, you should check the modem's compatibility with your current operating system. I know that when I got my DSL (about a year ago) my provider's USB modems did not support XP and I had to use an ehternet modem instead.

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by davidpaul In reply to usb problems

With USB devices two things worked for me.
1. Disable the port associated with the USB and enable it again. Now connect your modem and see if it works.
2. Just unplug and replug again. Simple but it works everytime for my P800

Before you do all this, make sure you have the proper USB driver for the modem installed. If it doesn't work, uninstall the driver, then repeat 1 & 2 and reinstall the driver.

Looks frustrating. But works some times.

Best of Luck

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