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USB problems after upgrade to XP PRO

By agarti ·
I upgraded to WIndows XP PRO with SP2 (no re-format). Everything is OK except
that when I connect my camera or my MP3 player to a USB port, they don't show
on "my computer". Prior to the upgrade they showed all right.
The camera is OK (checked in another computer)
USB Port is OK (I connected a printer and it showed all right).
Now here is the fun part:
When I turn on the camera, its red light flashes on and off for several
seconds. then, I get a "new device" message but nothing on "My computer".
I checked Control panel -->system -->hardware -->Device manager --> USB
Controllers -->USB mass storage --> properties (right click) and got:
status: the device is working properly
location: 0 (C7070WZ)
C7070WZ is my camera model number. (this camera doesn't need a special
driver. It is classified as: autoconnect USB)
WHen I turn the camera OFF the USB mass storage driver disappears and when I
turn the camera ON, it comes back.
Right click on "My computer" and then "manage" and then "Disk Management" and I see the camera but no drive letter allocated to it. I assigned a letter and was able to communicate with the camera but after power off the drive letter is not maintained.
There is also a small problem with the "All in one" printer (also a USB device). In order to print I have to turn it OFF and then back On and only then will it respond.
MAybe a problem with the USB driver? How can I erase it from the hard drive and re-install it from the Windows CD?
Maybe other good advices?
I'll appreciate any help.

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by TheChas In reply to USB problems after upgrad ...

You did not mention what OS you upgrade to XP Pro SP2.

That makes a big difference in giving you good answers.

The first step is to check for updated drivers from the system / motherboard / chip-set manufacture.

If you get the drivers from the chip-set manufacture, make sure that you have the recommended version for the specific chip-set on your motherboard.

Next, check with the printer manufacture for a newer driver. If you were running an older version of Windows and upgraded to XP, it is likely that you do not have the correct printer driver installed.

If the printer manufacture does not offer a XP driver for your model printer, the default XP driver does not support all functions and modes.

For the camera, check if it is supported for XP. Even though it is a USB device, it is possible that it will not function with XP.
The camera manufacture may have a driver or a firmware update to correct XP related issues.

You might also be able to get the camera working by running the Scanners and Camera tool in Control Panel.


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by agarti In reply to

Thanks Chas but I really couldn't find any help:
1) the printer "problem" is solved by installing the printer drivers AFTER the upgrade to Windows XP pro.
2) The camera works fine on another computer win WIndows XP Home edition. (Didn't test it on a computer that runs an OS identical to mine. Will try it later). The camera manufacture does not publish a driver since he claims that the camera ia an"Autoconnect USB". As you can see in the question, I am able to run the canera using right click on "My Computer", then select "Manage" etc... The problem is that upon power down the letter allocated to the camera is not maintained and once again, on POwer-On, the camera is not recognized.
Thanks anyway.
Any help on deleteing the driver from the Hard Drive and re-installing it again from the Windows XP CD?

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by Chris910 In reply to USB problems after upgrad ...

This is just speculation without having more details.
Assuming that the issue is the mapping of the cameras internal drive:
--plug the camera in and turn it on
--Right click My Computer and select manage
--select disk management
--in the lower right pane look for a usb drive
that is not assigned a drive letter and if
one is found
--right click on the drive and select
"select drive leter and path"
you should be able to change/add the letter from there by following the prompts.

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by agarti In reply to

Thanks Chris but as you might very well see in my question, I already tried the proposed procedure and after power down the letter allocated to the camera was not maintained and once again, upon power-on, the camera was not recognized.

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same problem - i just reformat

by liviawarty In reply to

i'm having the same problem.. but it is for my USB mass storage.. the rest of USB devices no problem... as you've said the drive letter is not maintained..

I've been doing that for nearly 1/2 year... in the end.. i format my pc.. and install Windows XP (SP1) .... and now so far is ok..

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Damn - Me too!

by michaelhaylett In reply to USB problems after upgrad ...


The exact same thing has happened to me, and I cant figure out what to do about it. I have an MP3 player and a Digital Camera that aren't recognised by Explorer or the software that is used with them. If you ever managed to fix it and what it was, and I mean the exact same happened to me - I upgraded to XP Pro and tried Disk Management and all that but it wont go back to what it was before the upgrade from Home Edition, then please let me know! Thanks.

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