USB Problems on my CPU

By mia.guiala ·
I am using a DELL cpu and all the ports are USB. I was able to use all the USB ports before but now all ports are not working. I cant do anything because both my mouse and keyboard are using USB connections. There are no other type of ports on the CPU that is why I cant use any other kind of keyboard or mouse, only USB. Pls. help me what should I do. Tnx!

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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to USB Problems on my CPU

1. Purchase a USB-PS2 converter/Splitter (For ps2 mouse and KB)
2. Purchase a USB Hub and plug into working USB slot
3. Check BIOS is configured correctly set to default (Cheapest option)

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Repair Tech

by TheChas In reply to USB Problems on my CPU

If all of your USB ports are dead, you either have dead external hardware, or a dead USB interface.

Have you checked any of your USB devices on another PC? If your USB devices work on a different PC, odds are the USB port is dead.

Depending on what and how many USB devices you had plugged in, it is possible that you ended up drawing more power from the USB ports than the system could provide.

A technician should be able to check pretty quickly to verify if the ports are dead.


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Dead USB interface

by meraxes In reply to Repair Tech

I'm having this exact same problem. my usb devices are working on other computers, so I'm assuming its the usb interface that's dead. Given that, is there something I can do to fix it myself (without current use of my keyboard/mouse since there's only usb ports for them on the pc?) Or am I going to have to send it back to the manufacturer, which would be pretty inconvenient...

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usb interface may not be dead

by ghostvalkyre In reply to Dead USB interface

plug in the usb decive into the suspected "dead port" then check the disk mangement utility to see if it registers and just does not have a drive letter. if not temporary solution is to map a drive letter to it.
also if you have a optical mouse turn it over to see if it is getting power. test the devices on another system to eliminate them as a factor.

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usb deadness

by meraxes In reply to usb interface may not be ...

Unfortunately I can't check the disk management utility without the use of my mouse or keyboard (both being usb and non-functional) The mouse is getting power when plugged in and the usb devices work fine on other computers.
My next idea is to try to get a ps/2 card for the computer, so I can hook up a ps/2 mouse/keyboard and go from there.

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Why not a USB card?

by TheChas In reply to usb deadness

If the main USB ports are dead, you may want to install a USB card rather than a PS/2 card.

Besides, it will be a lot easier to find a USB card than a PS/2 card.


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usb deadness also

by danat19240 In reply to usb deadness

I have the same issue with a Dell XPS 400 Windows XP Media C and wanted to try adding a pci USB card. Does anyone know of any issue with the card and devices attached to it not being recognized before logging in?

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What then

by Orley Foods In reply to Repair Tech

If I have drawn too much power from the usb connection what does that mean that I need to replace motherboard or is there another way to fix.

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by fjrowell In reply to USB Problems on my CPU

Similiar thing happened on a gateway laptop after installing itunes/ipod shuffle. I have seen other blogs that report this ipod connection

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ipod/usb problems

by gheys In reply to Ipod

I have been looking around for a long time to see what could have happened to my dell inspiron, and i think you might be able to help.
I installed a new hd for my inspiron, and all worked great, including USBs untill I loaded itunes, and connected my ipod at which point i got a blue screen on the laptop and a hd failure on the ipod. Since then, I have not been able to use the USBs with Ipod or printer (which was working fine before) without the blue screen crash. You mentioned something about this, and I wonder if you could point me in any direction. I also installed a PCMCIA USB card, and connecting the USB via this also caused blue screens
Many thanks in advance

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