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    USB SATA Drive Not Detected


    by brianaaa12 ·

    I have a Kingwin external USB SATA enclosure. I have consistently had trouble with XP seeing these drives after a system reboot. The Device Manager lists a “USB Device” under the Drives but the drive itself is missing. In addition, the drive doesn’t show up in the Disk Manager.

    Cycling the power on the external drive will usually make it reappear, but is somewhat of a pain.

    Anybody ever run into this issue? It only seems to be an issue with SATA enclosures…I don’t seem to have this problem with IDE drives.


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      Reply To: USB SATA Drive Not Detected

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to USB SATA Drive Not Detected

      XP should have no problem seeing that drive, I only have external USB drives. Did you try loading the Sata driver from the mainboard cd?
      Try another Usb port or if you have another drive you can put into the enclosure to see it might be the drive.

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      Reply To: USB SATA Drive Not Detected

      by jordanspcrepair ·

      In reply to USB SATA Drive Not Detected


      You may need to start the “Logical Disk Manager” and the “Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service” services in the system services. You can type in: services.msc in the Run menu to do this. and you can make sure the drivers are right. If i was you i would use windows updates to search for a compatible driver for your hardware.

      Hope this helps you out!!

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      Reply To: USB SATA Drive Not Detected

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to USB SATA Drive Not Detected

      The drive interface should not make any difference but what can with any USB Device is that you need to have it turned off before booting the computer and only turn it on when you have Windows running and fully loaded. If you don’t do this it’s possible that the correct drivers [b]Will Not[/b] be loaded at startup and this could allow the external drive not to appear.

      Also if you have several USB devices connected it would be a good idea to place a password on the startup and allow the system to finish loading before entering the password. Some systems particularly those with USB scanners prefer this treatment to allow them time to fully load all the necessary drivers before you start to open Windows.


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      Same problem – none of these solutions worked

      by rakehell ·

      In reply to USB SATA Drive Not Detected

      I have the same problem and none of these solutions worked:

      o Ran through Win troubleshooting – device working properly.

      o Disconnected, turned off power, waited 1 min, turned power back on while Win was fully booted.

      o Turned on Logical Disk Manager services.

      o Updated the device driver.

      Any other ideas?

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        Reply To: USB SATA Drive Not Detected

        by dumpbin ·

        In reply to Same problem – none of these solutions worked

        I have exactly the same problem, using Windows XP. I’ve tried to use a WD Scorpio 250 GIG SATA external drive in my Dell Latitude C840. The external drive works perfectly in other laptops but NOT when I plug it into my Dell. Neither is the HDD detected in the Disk Manager NOR in My Computer.

        Clearly, there is nothing wrong with this hard drive, nor with the USB connection nor the external HDD case interface.

        I should also note that ATA external hard drives (100 GIG) work fine with said computer or any other USB-cabled device that I’ve used.

        Is “loading the drivers” for the HDD really a solution? Or does the problem lie with the chipset or the bios? Dell says they cannot help me any further after recommending that an updated chipset be downloaded to the computer. Is there really no solution, are some laptops simply unable to handle SATA hard drives? (I also handle 300-750 GIG external HDDs on the Dell with no problem, but they are Maxtors (IDE HHDs??).

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