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USB scanner will not install

By Red Dragoon ·
I have a customer who brought in his CanoScan LiDe 30 scanner. He reports that the scanner is not recognized. I tried hooking it up to my Win2000 machine (SP4). It detects the presence of a USB device but says that it's an unknow device. It gives the error message 'The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance'. I have tried using all of my four USB ports in the back. I have already installed the software and drivers from the cd. Even if I point the USB device to the folder with the drivers, nothing comes up. I have also tried plugging this into an XP laptop, and it also says it is an unknown device. I have also tried reinstalling my root usb hubs and controllers.

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by dmiles In reply to USB scanner will not inst ...

- Can't install the driver.

- Make sure to remove the Unknown Device in Device Manager.
- (Just in case, disable your Antivirus program and Crashguard)
- Turn your computer off.
- Your scanner should be plugged to your computer.
- Turn OFF your scanner (I know the manual says otherwise, but this worked)
- Turn computer on.
- After boot up, turn scanner ON and wait (takes a few secs) until you get the "Add New Hardware Wizard". It will say: "This wizard searches for new drivers for: Perfection 1200..." Then just follow the instructions of your manual and install the driver.

I've noticed that if I restart my computer with the scanner on, I will get the Unknown Device back in Device Manager. I have to remove it again and turn off the scanner, (wait 10 secs) and turn it back on. Wait a few secs again and check Device Manager. The scanner will be listed under Imaging Device again, as it should be. To avoid this, turn your scanner off before turning your computer on. Then just turn your scanner on and wait a few seconds before using it... sigh .. this sucks but as long as it works ....

Load the twain drivers first before loading the software from disk,also check for an update to the motherboard chipset

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by Red Dragoon In reply to

The only way to turn on the scanner is to plug it in with the usb cable. There is no separate power switch.

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by TheChas In reply to USB scanner will not inst ...

1. Make sure that the scanner is not locked.

2. Try the latest driver from Canon.

3. At 1/2 amp of power required, your USB ports may not have enough current available to power the scanner.
Try connection the scanner to a powered USB hub. Make sure that the power supply for the hub provides at least 1 amp.


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by Red Dragoon In reply to

The computer recognizes the presence of the usb device. It just says that the drivers for this device are not installed. I cannot just find the straight drivers for the scanner. it's some stupid self-extracting executable file that doesn't even extract all the way.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to USB scanner will not inst ...

First off, straight from the Canon site on this scanner:

How do I install the scanner?

Installing the Software (Windows)

IMPORTANT: With Windows XP/2000, you should log on with an administrator user name when you install or uninstall software programs.

Do not connect the scanner until instructed to do so.

With the computer on, place the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM in the drive. The CanoScan Setup Utility main menu will display.

Click [Install the Software]. Read the SOFTWARE USER LICENSE AGREEMENT and then click [Yes] if you accept the terms. The [Install] window will display.

Click [Start Installation]. You will install six software programs and the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual).

The installation procedure will start. Follow the on-screen message prompts and click [Yes] or [Next] to continue the installation.

When the installation is complete, click [Yes]. The computer will restart.

After Windows restarts, remove the CD-ROM from the drive and store it in a safe place.

Be sure the scanner is unlocked and then connect the USB cable to the scanner and computer.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

So, do you have the CD?
If not, click this link:

This will take you to the download page to pull down the drivers. Just download them fresh, and run them when they finish downloading.

Good luck

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by Red Dragoon In reply to

I did this the first time.

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by Red Dragoon In reply to USB scanner will not inst ...

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