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    USB Security


    by gotmilkcrazy ·

    we know that nowsdays the uses of USB flash drive is very popular.

    But on the other hand it makes our secret and valuable data and informatinon also can be stolen easier.

    So How can we manage the usb hub??that means it should have my approval before access the computer with the USB devices.

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      USB settings

      by mamies ·

      In reply to USB Security

      You can disable settings in the registry which will not allow USB storage Devices to connect to the machine.

      Although you may do this and it wont mean a thing. Their are other ways to send data out of the information via the internet or physically stealing drives.

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        for USB security software

        by gotmilkcrazy ·

        In reply to USB settings

        And may be the new software called MyUSBOnly.

        Is it useful for my company to manage and handle the uses of USB devices?

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        go try this

        by gotmilkcrazy ·

        In reply to USB settings

        MyUSBOnly is a software that can completely fulfill your needs.

        It makes you can keep your own privacy and business confidential information~~

        Another advantage is that other people would not know that you have installed this software to secure your computer until he is doing something which is harmful for your information secret

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          We dont use this

          by mamies ·

          In reply to go try this

          We dont ban USB drives from the system as everyone needs to carry differant ones on them. Very unsecure but if they want the data they will just use their own USB device

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      by neon samurai ·

      In reply to USB Security

      Ironkey’s enterprise product line includes central management for data on the flashdrive. The trick then becomes issuing Ironkey flashdrives to each employee and blocking non-issued drives.

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      Centennial DeviceWall is pretty good

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to USB Security

      It’s a good hardware “firewall.” It basically white and black lists devices and what the device and can do.

      Pretty good product and not half bad for enterprise deployment.

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      USB Lock ST or RP

      by tomg1234 ·

      In reply to USB Security

      Try either of these products for a complete control over USB devices

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