USB stick freezes explorer

By kossayzemzem ·
So I got this (8 Gb FAT32, barely 2 years old) usb stick and I have been using it only on my personal computer.
For some reason whenever I open any file (They all show up normally) the explorer stops working and the moment I remove the usb stick everything goes back to normal.
I tried analyzing it for problems and also formatting but both operations simply didn't respond.
One last detail I can mention is that the usb stick doesn't show in the Defragmentation list.
Is this a software problem that can be fixed? Thanks.
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Usb stick

by BOB.B In reply to USB stick freezes explore ...

Test in all usb ports.
Boot up a copy of linux to see what it thinks about the stick.

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by kossayzemzem In reply to Usb stick

I have tried a diffrent usb ports but same deal (I even tried another computer)
As for linux I really didn't understand what you meant by that.. Do you mean I install linux and try with it? I have never installed a system on my own.

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Re: Linux

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Reply

No need to install Linux on your hard disk. You can boot it from a DVD your burn yourself, or a USB-stick you can put it on.

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by kossayzemzem In reply to Re: Linux

Ok then! I will look further into the process and update you when I get to test the USB stick on linux. Thanks

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by BOB.B In reply to Reply

Run .......linux portable looks like windows.....through google.

Do some reading and pick one.

Put it on a flash stick or a disc.

Set the bios to boot from the stick or disc and boot it up.

Use the file explorer to see what it has to say about the problem flash stick.

I keep a copy of zorin tucked away in a draw just as a second opinion tool.

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