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USB Storage Device on Dell Power server

By Farmer Brown ·

I am excited to hear your thoughts on the following simple last minute DR plan? In short. One mirrored NTFS partition dedicated as a backup staging area before going to tape via Backup Exec 10.

The Plan: To run a onetime Full Backup from staging partition to external USB 500 gig storage device. From then on run nightly incremental backups from the staging partition to the USB Storage Device. We will continue to use tape as well.


USB External Drive to Dell Power Edge 2800 Server.

Data Base is not expected to exceed 200 gigs.

Sybase Data Base.

Storage Device is a "Store-It 500GB External Hard Drive". Fat32

In DR scenario the external drive would be secured at another location in order to continue operations.

I know that this scenario is like using chewing gum to stop a leak in a dam. However, has anyone experienced this type of low budget DR plan before? I would like to hear your thoughts on the good and bad reasons for using it or not. I would love to hear of a better alternative. I?m sure with the information I get from hear I can motivate the business unit to find the funds needed to secure this database and ensure its availability in a disaster scenario. I have thought about online backups. But not quiet sold on them yet.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB Storage Device on Del ...

Provided you don't leave the USB Drive running all the time and have it properly packed when it's moved it should be OK.

The current generation of USB Caddies don't allow the HDD's inside them to shed the heat that they produce so you can overheat one of these if you leave it constantly running and destroy the drive. Also if the USB Caddy isn't properly packed in a Foam box it's possible to damage the HDD inside it with less that perfect handling and when the drive gets damaged it's terribly expensive to recover the data off a Dead or Damaged HDD.

Of course this will only happen when you need the data Murphy's Law comes into play then. I had one small business who was using a 400 GIG IDE Drive in a USB Enclosure to do a total backup weekly and an Incremental backup daily on 4 computers and taken Off Site every night. Of course when there was a small fire and the sprinklers went off all the installed Hardware was rendered useless and when I tried to access the HDD that they where using as their Sole Backup it didn't work although they did manage to copy data to it the last working day before the weekend. I shot the drive down to a Data Recovery house that I use and they gave an estimation of about $9.000.00 AU if it went perfectly and that was the minimum figure. In the mean time I had removed all the HDD's allowed them to dry off and I managed to recover the data that was needed from them.

They had been lucky in the fact that there wasn't much water inside the computers and the HDD's where well above the water level so they still worked.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

They now have a small dedicated Backup Server with an Auto Loader where they make their own Tape Libraries and they have never had a problem recovering any data from there even when some git drove a forklift through the side of the building killing the Backup Server. I just had to replace that unit and the Auto Loaded worked without a problem.

They got luck there though as one of the forks went straight through the computer itself and missed the Auto Loader but I just had to laugh when I saw the mess and was asked did I think that ti would cause any problems. The fork had gone straight through the side of the case through the M'Board and out the other side pushing the CPU and it's Heat Sink with it.


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by Binary Mind In reply to USB Storage Device on Del ...

Unfortunately I don't have a valuable input on the initial question, but am sharing similar problem. We are planning on a new server but this time without tape drive. I heard so much about cost effective external hard drive backups solutions, but what is a secure configuration? Our server hardware will have SCSI RAID5, internal SATA HDD for backup and an imaging backup software running every night creating incremental system and full database backups. I also thought about a couple external portable mini HDDs to get backups out of the office at least twice a week. If anyone has some experience I would appreciate his/her thoughts.

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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to USB Storage Device on Del ...

Although this may not answer your questions it is something you may want to consider for the future. There is a company in Liverpool who primarily do Telephony/Data cabling and they are in the process of setting up a central backup repository for their customers. In the event of a major disaster they can have your office up and running in their building within one hour with all the telephones and servers with your data on them so the down time is minimal. The central data repository takes away the headaches you get with on-site backups/restores

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