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By peggyhoudek ·
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Recently bought apple USB SUPERDRIVE and it will run commercial recordings fine, but nothing else. I tried another disk which wouldn’t eject. I also have VLC which I’ve always used for home made discs, but an having trouble with that too. I have iMac with the latest Big Sur and I upgraded for VLC The CD/DVVR is expensive and supposed to do everything, but won’t
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I'd ask in the VLC forum.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to USB SuperDrive
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VLC problem

by peggyhoudek In reply to I'd ask in the VLC forum.

I can't find anything helpful there. My current problem is that after I reinstalled the VLC app, it won't play an mp4, I have many on an extra HD, and on the old version, I would just slide it over and it worked. I don't know what to ask to do, but I hear the sound vaguely but no picture. I upgraded as I was told for BigSur. I keep trying to sign in, when they say wrong password, the site you go to is not available. I tried to register again and they said the name was already used. Yeah, I know, it's mine! I even sent them a contribution, but doesn't seem to help. I'm very frustrated at this time. I don't even care about playing discs on it as much as the stuff on the aux HD. Looking forward to your good help!

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I wish it was an easy thing.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to VLC problem

The link gave up that you may have to perform a McGuyver.

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So what the Heck

by peggyhoudek In reply to I wish it was an easy thi ...

is a McGuyver? I actually sent an email to the head fellow! I've reinstalled the new version several times but nothing works. I'm sure it's a simple thing if you know what it is. Somewhere it mentioned changing the SMC. When the Apple tech was working on it to get the USBSuperDrive to work, she had mean change something that might be it, but I don't have a clue what it was. I was just following orders.

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VLC problems

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to So what the Heck

Hi Peggy,
I'm not sure what to suggest with VLC, other than what you are doing, but to rule out a possible USBSuperDrive problem you could download and install another MP4 player.
One you could try is Cisdem Video Player for Mac, available here:
It's free and is "Big Sur Ready"
Let us know how you get on.
ps. Are you Peggy from the CNET site?

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Yes, same Peggy

by peggyhoudek In reply to VLC problems

Hi; Yes, the same Peggy from CNET. I've been on there for many years and sorry to see it go. I think TechRepublic looks like a good replacement, as soon as I learn how to use it!

I'm going to check out CisDerm again and probably download it. Do have a few questions, like: do I keep my SuperDrive to play discs and. use CisDerm to drag and drop? I've reinstalled VLC several times and still can't get it work.

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Yes, TechRepublic looks like a good replacement for me too,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Yes, same Peggy

as soon as I learn how to use it!
A bunch of the CNET Mods came over here and are waiting for the engineers to fix the Mod permissions for us.
Meanwhile, CisDerm should play just about anything you can throw at it, just like VLC should be doing.
If you have movie files on a CD/DVD you will still need your Superdrive but for anything you download from the internet, CisDerm should do the trick.
FYI, any USB3.0 DVD burner would work on your Mac, not just the Apple SuperDrive.
Nice to see you made the switch to TR.

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by peggyhoudek In reply to Yes, TechRepublic looks l ...

With lots of messing around, including reinstalling VLC, upgrading BigSur, it's now working. Not sure what was wrong,but it does seem to be okay. So, since I'm used to it, I'll keep it. Any other problems, I'll switch to CisDim. I didn't know that QuickTime player will play files too. I guess it was just included by Apple. Never noticed it before. I did manage to get it to play a file. So I'll see which works easiest. Don't really need two, but nice to be able to play my operas again!
Thanks for your help. I'm sure you'll hear from me again. Best, Peggy

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Well done,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to VLC

pleased you got going again.

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