USB Thumb Drive

By 80gigsofbyte ·
I just purchased a 1 GB thumb drive and when I plug it into my laptop it shows up as a CD-Rom drive. I installed the software and it still shows up as the CD-Rom. I placed it into a different PC and it shows up no problem. When I put it into my PC and it shows up as the CD-Rom, it shows the name of the software on the drive. I bet this is something easy.

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Check the BIOS settings

by smallbiz-techwiz In reply to USB Thumb Drive

this sounds very familiar but I can't remember how I fixed it. I know it was some setting in the BIOS.

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My 1 gig thumb drive does this, and it's because

by DanLM In reply to USB Thumb Drive

The new thumb drives are now coming with portable applications, which some of them will launch as soon as you plug them in. If you have your pc, or what ever pc set up that doesn't automatically launch applications for external media(like cd's/dvd's), then it shows up as a cd drive. If you click the application, it will launch.

In my case, this application is encryption software for my thumb drive.

But, my guess is that this application needs to launch for you to see the actual contents of your thumb drive. I think the application, at least in my case encrypted a virtual drive of the thumb drive. The cd that shows up in explorer is the physical drive.


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