USB to DB25

By tigercomaus ·
I use a laptop at work to burn PROMs at remote locations. The burner uses a DB25 plug and its software will only look for LPT ports.
This was all fine till the Laptop passed away. The boss provided a new laptop but it dosen't have any LPT ports, just heaps of USBs. I have purchased a USB to DB25 Adapter, but can't get the system to make up a LPT port for the software to find.
Is it possible to make the USB port a 'virtual' LPT port. I am running Windows XP on the laptop.

Many thanks


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DB25 is not the same as LPT

by mjd420nova In reply to USB to DB25

DB25 is usually a serial port, and the LPT is paralell. The connector may well be a DB25 type connector but should be noted as a Centronics port, at least that is the standard for paralell ports. It should be possible to redirect the LPT1 port as a USB port, but you'll need the drivers and possibly a patch to get it to work properly. I've never tried this and it may be impossible but you could try. Please update your response as you've now enlisted my interest as to whether it can be done. Good luck

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DB25 is not the same as LPT

by tigercomaus In reply to DB25 is not the same as L ...

I realise that lpt and DB25 are not neccessarily the same. But, the prom burner has a DB25 plug that fits onto the printer port of my old Laptop, and the software will only look for ports LPT1 thru 3.
The burner is "The Pocket Programmer", by Intronics. I have been unable to source any info online for this US based company to see if they have later software to use a USB connection.
But I will try looking to see if I can redirect the LPT port to USB, thanks

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What you'll need to do is somehow get a USB to Centronics Adaptor

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DB25 is not the same as L ...

And then from Centronics back to DB25. That will give you the necessary software to make a USB port behave like a Bi Directional Centronics port and should give you the correct interface to the Prom Burner.

This is one of the things that I haven't seen in a very long time but then again I did walk away from Motor Racing where I used to program & Burn EPROM's quite a lot way back when 64 K was considered as Big.

This could most likely be a major problem for you as Centronics ports are fast disappearing from new hardware with everything going to USB, it's been that way for a few years now so I would hazard a guess that you're up for a new prom Burner that has either a USB or better still a Fire wire Interface.

Ouch I've just looked at some prom burners and they are a lot more expensive than I remember. Now I know that there are USB to Centronics Female Plugs available as I've brought a few. Where you may have a problem is a Male Centronics to a DB25 Female Socket but if you could get a hold of an old printer lead you should be able to work out the wiring and make up the necessary component from that to do the job. Just watch your fingers as you tend to burn them when soldering up these type of connections.

Or failing that maybe you could get a USB to Centronics adaptor install the necessary software and then use the USB to DB25 connected to the prom Burner and that may do the job.

Lets know how you get on as I'm interested as well.


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by awangkisel In reply to USB to DB25

if your soft looking for LPT only then u could use bidrectional printing and enabled printer pooling with the program.. make a virtual LPT port then windows shall route the data to USB

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