USB to IDE bridge problem

By aefarid ·

I have a problem with the USB bridge, I am upgrading my pc, got new HDD with SATA cable, my old one is IDE so I figured out that I could transfer all data from IDE to SATA HDD using USB bridge

here is what happen.........

when I plug the IDE drive to the USB it works, I hear it, and the safely removal icon apears on the toolbar but the drive does not shown in my computer, however, it is shown in the device manager as disk drive and when I go to properties it says working probably, although it is not shown in the disk managment and my computer.

Also a did a rescan for disk drive but nothing

Plz can anyone help me with that, I really need those data

thanks in advance

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Unplug the drive..

Reboot your computer and then re-attach your drive. If that does not work then please do a restore on your computer:
start > programs > accessories > system tools > restore. Select (in restore) the day previous before you attached the drive, then just follow the on screen instructions, after this re-attach your external hdd to your system. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR EXTERNAL DRIVE IS NOT ATTACHED TO YOUR COMPUTER when you do this. Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Already did so

by aefarid In reply to Unplug the drive..

I already had my comp restored but it makes the same problem, shown in device manager but nothing in my computer...

but when i plug it to another USB port it gives me a msg says that windows can not recognize the drive

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