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    USB to SERIAL adapter


    by ssharp ·

    I have a Compaq legacy free iPaq. I am trying to connect a usb to serial adapter as all it has are usb ports. The OS (WIN 2K Pro) sees the adapter when I plug it in and allows me to install the drivers but it never becomes a usable port. The OS always sees a problem (with the usb port)and says that the drivers are not installed. Vendor support could not give me an answer either. I have tried to create a virtual serial port to connect to the usb port but WIN2k always deletes because the OS sees nothing connected to the adapter (because of the problem with the newly added usb adapter). Seems a catch-22 to me.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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      USB to SERIAL adapter

      by kuhlio ·

      In reply to USB to SERIAL adapter

      I am going a bit out on a limb here, but could be a IRQ conflict or perhaps a BIOS setting that you are missing?

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      USB to SERIAL adapter

      by d_v ant ·

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      My question is, what are you trying to connect to the serial adapter? Not all devices will work with an adapter. I have ran across this problem before and had to get a USB device to use instead.

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      USB to SERIAL adapter

      by daz’n’ash ·

      In reply to USB to SERIAL adapter

      Many times I have hear about such problems. It is common that USB to serial adapters are not very good and don’t always work. I know it seems silly that manufacturers produce them, but occasionally they do work. You might be best to get a PCI USBcard and install it.

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