USB troubles

By accura_14 ·
I bought myself a Toshiba laptop a few years ago and it is a real lemon. I recently had a lot of hardware issues with it that I can't work out myself.

Here is my question: my USB ports do not work nor do they have power. How can I fix this?

Recent developments: My hard drive crashed a little while ago. I replaced my old hard drive with a new Hitachi 80Gb 7200rpm thing. Since then, not one of my three USB ports work. Would a mobile laptop HDD suck up that much power?

I've checked the BIOS - Yes my USB ports are enabled.

I don't get any power in either openSUSE or WinXP so I don't think it is an OS issue. I've done a uninstall/reinstall the drivers for WinXP to be sure.

Everything else about the computer works beautifully at this point. Just the USBs.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Bad Connection

by TheChas In reply to USB troubles

Assuming the USB ports functioned prior to changing the hard drive, what i suspect is wrong is a bad connection inside the laptop. Either a connector came loose, or a solder joint failed.

However, the fact of no power on the USB ports could also mean that a device attempted to draw too much power from the port, and a fuse or voltage regulator failed.

Unless there is a loose connector, you will need electronic trouble-shooting skills, and a proper soldering iron and skills to repair the ports.


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