USB UPSs: Can one monitor these from central location (software)

By nerdy_gurl ·
I am trying to find a solution to being able to monitor UPSs with a USB connection from one computer on a LAN (APC has software that does it well with serial port connections, Tripplite seems to include USB connections, but the software doesn't seem to work for me). I can't seem to find any other software (free or paid) that does the same as APC's with USB UPS connections. Does this exist?

My boss is sure that since computers aren't coming with serial ports anymore that some solution must exist for monitoring their USB UPS's on the network. The machines are all windows computers.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Not sure what you're asking........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to USB UPSs: Can one monitor ...

Are you asking to be able to monitor all UPS's from one computer on the network, or are you asking if there is a way to monitor individual UPS's that only come with a USB connection but there's no software installed on the computer that it's connected to to be able to monitor it from that computer?

We use APC UPS's at our installation. The newer ones come with a USB connection. I'm not sure if the APC software is an upgrade, or if the older versions were capable of monitoring through USB. If you still have older UPS's that only came with a serial connection, I'll guarantee they are so old they are beyond their reliability usefulness and should be replaced. But, you might try a serial/USB adapter to see if the APC software can "see" the UPS. These create another "com" port in the device manager so that serial devices can simply use the "new port".

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I think I know what he is asking..

by BBPellet In reply to Not sure what you're aski ...

He is looking to monitor UPS on individual pc/servers, connected to said pc/servers via usb cables. He's like to monitor them from a central GUI (laptop/whatever) or interface separate from the pc/servers that may have monitoring locally. Basically an agent on the protected pc/servers that reports to a central manager. APC has this tool, but it only works with Smart-UPSs and some BackUPS/Pros with serial cable connections, none of their enterprise/SMB versions of their monitoring software reconizes a USB connection, regardless if you use a serial adapter (I've tried this). So far there is NOTHING out there to do what he is asking. Until UPS Mfgrs utilize USB on their server class UPSs this likely will never happen. AS 99 % servers use the serial port for monitoring UPS function.

Sorry...I have been trying to do what you asking for 4 years nothing I've found yet works.

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Brian, you got it exactly!

by nerdy_gurl In reply to I think I know what he is ...

I'm a 'she', but you gave such a good reply I'll forgive you for that...

I'm already running the APC central GUI software for four serial port UPS's, two servers and two workstations; all the other computers have the USB type of UPS. Three of the serial port UPS are quite old and still fine! (Batteries have been replaced a couple times...)

The other serial port APC UPS is brand new and so yes, serial port UPS's are definitely still around for servers.

Seeing that you've looked for this solution for a few years without a resolution makes me feel much better it isn't just me.

Thank you so much for your comments.

Liz T.

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sorry about the gender issue! :)

by BBPellet In reply to Brian, you got it exactly ...

not a problem, still workin on it too!

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