USB vs. Ethernet for file transfer

By Rosstamon ·
Here's the deal:
-I have a laptop with power supply issues. I purchased a replacement power supply on line which worked for a while, but now it's having trouble.

-I also have a desktop computer that sits on my home network and I mostly use it for file and print sharing.

-Attached via firewire to the desktop computer is an external HD which is shared on the network.

-I think I may have enough power left on the batttery of my laptop to start it and transfer the files I require to the shared network drive.

-What I would like to know is should I plug the laptop in to an ethernet cable and transfer the files to the shared external HD.
Or should I connect the USB cable (laptop doesn't have firewire) from the external HD and transfer the files directly onto the HD?

-Because I am limited to however much time I can get out of the remaining power on the laptop battery I need to know which would be faster?

Thank you.

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