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Usb vs Ethernet

By Black Panther ·
I have a Motorola Cable Broadband Modem. I had it connected to a PC via ethernet ( everything was working great ). I then attached a Netgear 10Mb Hub so as to network another PC ( for File and Print and playing games - between the 2 pc's - not online ).

Originally I connected the Cable modem to the 'uplink' port on the hub and then plugged the 2 pc's into the Hub. I had some trouble with the network so I tried to re-config using the 'trusty' MS XP Home Networking Wizard.

Not sure what happened but suddenly the monitor went blank. Tried another monitor and nothing!

Thought hard drive was stuffed. Put in another and it booted up. Then put original back and it worked again??

Had trouble connnecting to the Internet. Plugged cable modem straight into NIC. Still couln't talk to cable modem.

Installed modem on USB port and finally got it to work. Then put other 2 computers into hub so can file and print share. Have not tried gaming yet.


Whats the best setup for networking 2 pc's using cable modem ie USB or ethernet. Is USB really any slower or less reliable ( it does not seem to be ). This allows the ethernet to be used separately for network.

Should I attempt going back to ethernet cable modem solution and whats the best way to achieve with networking the other computer for home games - not necessarily internet sharing although maybe in the future?

thanks for replies - will rate answers!

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by CG IT In reply to Usb vs Ethernet

humm Ethernet is the better of the 2 [USB or ethernet].

Best method to network computers together? use a 10/100 switch [not hub]. best method to share an internet connection? a consumer level router [which has a built in 10/100 switch.

Do not run the "trusty, rusty" XP Home networking wizard. If you want to share files or folders between computers behind the consumer level internet cable/dsl router, create a workgroup name , join each computer to the workgroup, make sure user accounts are on all machines who will share folders or files, share a folder and make sure the everyone group has permission to access the folder [no so good an idea if there is always on internet] or user accounts are listed as a minimum, having read permissions.

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by CG IT In reply to

heres a link to part 1 of the Microsoft XP workgroup white paper

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by Black Panther In reply to

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by Black Panther In reply to Usb vs Ethernet

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