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USB Wireless adapter makes my WinXP

By trash1 ·
Hello, All!

A few days ago, I have bought 54Mbps Wireless-G USB Adapter

The device itself works perfectly,
but now I have problem with my PC (AMD Athlon 3000+ , Windows XP SP2)

I often leave my PC turned on at home,
and use it from work with "Remote Desktop",
or other Remote Access Software (like "Real VNC").

I have a latest drivers for my device,
downloaded from EUSSO www.

So, I have noticed, that when I leave my PC online
after about 1 hour of inactivity, it falls in a "deep sleep"
and it is not possible to bring him back online,
except only the "reset" button, or turning "off" and then "on" again.

I have read many information in the Hardware Forums,
and many people said, that it is a "Sleep mode" or "Power saving"
OK, I have turned off all my "Power savings" (Turn off HDD, Monitor), but, nothing changes.

Well, at the other Forum, I have read, that, it is a software
problem, that do not support a "Sleep mode" or "Power saving".
OK, I have DEinstall all software coming in the downloaded archive -
"" (~11.9 mb)
Now I have installed only drivers (without software):
I found them in a "/XP" subfolder.

It's a pity, but nothing changes:
I have turned off ALL "Power saving" functions even in BIOS!!!
But, when I left my PC for some time,
I found him in a "lethargic sleep" when I returned back home.

Earlier, there was NOT any similar things!

Please, help me,
what I have to do, to make my PC working perfectly ?

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by antuck In reply to USB Wireless adapter make ...

Personally, I have found any USB Wireless device to be a problem. I have gotten a few calls regarding simular incidents as you decsribed and always found that the USB Wireless device was the problem. I have always used a PCI Wireless card.

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what screensaver do you have on

by jdclyde In reply to

I have seen people load on what they THINK are "cool" screensavers, but in truth many screensavers are more system intensive than half the business applications you are running.

Turn off your screensaver and have it just go blank.

Also, have you cleared your temp folder recently? There is a good chance the USB device is your problem, but check the other things out anyways.

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I have replaced my dingle to PCI-adapter

by trash1 In reply to what screensaver do you h ...

Guys, sorry for distrubing everyone...
Yesterday I went to my hardware shop,
and replaced this fu#$ing USB-dongle to a EUSSO Wireless PCI adapted.
And, voila !
Everything(!) OK now!

So, do not buy this USB wireless adapters.

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thank you

by jdclyde In reply to I have replaced my dingle ...

for taking the time to post the resolution to your problem.

not a disruption at all, but when you have tech questions like this, they really belong in the TQ&A section, not the discussion section.

Will generally get your answers quicker there.

now you can give that usb connector to someone you don't like!

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USB going to sleep

by peter In reply to USB Wireless adapter make ...

I use several USB WiFi RT2500 adaptor on 5 desktops and don't have the problems you are experiencing. If you go into System Properties, Find the USB adaptor under Network Adapters, Then properties for the USB adapter and choose the "Advanced" tab click on "Power Saving Mode" and change the Value to "Cam(Constantly awake)"

Mine are all set to that and non go to sleep.

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