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    USB Wireless Adaptors don’t work on Windows 7 PCS?


    by tony ·

    I have now bought 4 different brands, D-Link, Netgear, Asus and TP-Link.
    I have tried to install them (not all of them, but a combination) in 4 different PCs running Windows 7 and none of them work.
    They all say there is a driver problem, and diagnosis says the Wireless Adaptor is experiencing problems.
    Is it just me or is there a major problem with Windows 7 and USB Wireless Adaptors?

    I am not unfamiliar with PCs or Wireless networking, and in at least one case the PC was fine with XP but under Windows 7 the adaptor did not work. It was a new adaptor.

    I have been on many forums and have tried many solutions, including all the obvious like download the latest drivers but no joy.
    There are lots of people who seem to post that they are having similar problems, but others seem to suggest they have got them to work. Well I would like to know how?

    Any views or experience would be very much appreciated, I feel like a lone voice on the wilderness.
    Tony E.

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      Depends on the WiFi Adapters

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to USB Wireless Adaptors don’t work on Windows 7 PCS?

      If they come with 7 Drivers they should work.

      But I should add if you are using a 64 Bit Version of Windows 7 you need the 64 Bit Driver not the 32 Bit Driver and the same the other way. You can not use a 64 Bit Driver on a 32 Bit OS.

      With USB WiFi Adapters it’s also best to plug them directly into the M’Board not to a USB Socket on a Fly Lead like those on Desktop Cases on the front or into a USB Hub. If you must use a USB Hub make sure that it is a Powered USB Hub and not one drawing it’s power from the computer.

      With Desktop systems the USB Sockets on Fly Leads are USB1 not USB2 and are not suitable for WiFi Networking.


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      Need driver disk

      by jpmcsale ·

      In reply to USB Wireless Adaptors don’t work on Windows 7 PCS?

      I found this in a PC review on a netgear usb adapter
      Setup and Specs
      “As mentioned, this is a small piece of networking hardware, although not quite as miniscule as the Linksys AE6000. The A6100 ships with a resource disc. You will need the disc to install the hardware, at least I did, because when I connected the adapter to my Windows 7 laptop, the OS could not auto-install the drivers”

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      Depends on flavor of Win7

      by spiralingcrazies ·

      In reply to USB Wireless Adaptors don’t work on Windows 7 PCS?

      No problem here – my adapter has a Win7 driver. Buy ones that do. Have to make sure you have the right driver – 32 or 64bit.

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