USB3 PCIE Card - Strange Problem

By clint2000 ·
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I wonder if someone can help in regards to a strange problem I have with a generic 4 port USB3 PCIE express card built upon the VIA XHCI chipset.
I have this plugged into the 2nd PCIe slot on my Asus P8H61-MX R2.0 motherboard and have connected a 4pin molex cable direct from my PSU to this card.
I use Windows 7 and the drivers are installed and working correctly and when I plug in my external HD (mains powered) - it works a treat. But when I plug anything else in to the card that requires power from the usb port eg external cd drive, they get recognised but will not spin up properly to recognise the CD I have put in the tray. If I unplug my external HDD it will then work. Also I have tried putting a Sony USB stick into this too when my External HDD is connected and the light on the stick flashes but does not show up for ages and when it does, my external HDD stops working.
Has anybody experienced this kind of problem and if so how have you fixed it?
This is driving me insane as I have to continue using my slower USB2.0 ports for anything else at the moment.

Thanks in advance :)

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Power Issue

by TheChas In reply to USB3 PCIE Card - Strange ...

It does sound like you have a 5 volt power issue.

Start by trying a different power connector from the power supply. The one you are using could have a bad pin or wire crimp.

Next, make sure the card does not have a jumper for using bus or external power.

Finally, inspect the solder joints for the power connector. A fractured solder connection would cause this type of failure.

A remote possibility could also be that your power supply is too small (wattage) to provide enough power for all devices.

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