Use 2 DVR's on DishNetwork??

By Paul ·
Can I add a 2nd DVR to my DishNetwork DVR?

1. Record to DVD
2. Add HDD space for recording off Dish

fyi Dish tech told me that he was not allowed to discuss this subject.

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Read Your Terms of Service

by TheChas In reply to Use 2 DVR's on DishNetwor ...

The first thing you need to do, is read the terms of service you agreed to when you signed up with Dish Network.

I'm sure you will find all kinds of limitations of what you can do, and what remedies they can seek.

Basically, I think you will find significant liability on your part if you do not install extra features or functions through them.


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Yes, and no, and maybe

by robo_dev In reply to Use 2 DVR's on DishNetwor ...

Any standalone DVR/DVD recorder has component inputs, so any signal that can go to your TV can get recorded to an off-the-shelf DVD/DVR*

*But not DVDs or VHS movies, since there is copy protection. There is also some copy-protected broadcast content (HBO does this) that will limit you to one recording only.

Most DVRs have a 'save to VCR' mode that allows a medium-quality recording to be output to an external DVR/DVD.

Where it gets complicated is if you want to schedule when and what to record. Then you need to use either use a 'genuine Dish DVR' or a Tivo.

The problem is that the tuner that your're using (Dish Satellite receiver) is not built into any DVRs other than your dish DVR.

Tivo works around this by remotely changing sat tuner channels via an IR emitter on a wire.

If you're technical you can put a bigger hard drive into your dish DVR, assuming that you own the device. I put a 300gig drive into my 40hour tivo which makes it around a 200 hour tivo. Hard drives are cheap these days.

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