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Use a new budget to DR's advantage

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How can you differentiate between projects your organization is serious about and ones that it plans for appearances' sake? Is getting appropriate funding for disaster recovery projects a challenge in your company? Share your comments about making a new budget work for disaster recovery, as discussed in the Jan. 13 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter.

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Who is your spy?

by draco vulgaris In reply to Use a new budget to DR's ...

Who is your spy in my organization? I want to shake his hand!

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No spies

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Who is your spy?

Much like my fellow journalists at TechRepublic, I work in the field I write about. There are some issues that are universal in this area of Technology - and others that exist in all areas of Technology.

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Corporate Focus

by dask In reply to Use a new budget to DR's ...

When it comes to DR or BCM (Business Continuity Management), you are totally correct that DR is not priority one on Senior Management's TODO list.

I have yet to see contingency planning on any CEO's performance plan. The only real drivers for a BCM program is based on regulatory or audit requirements.

9/11 brought to mind the need for DR / BCM, but the cost of planning for contingency situations do not have a direct return on investment (ROI).

BCM is not nuclear physics. It does require the business to look at their processes and determine what can go wrong (Murphy's Law), what can mitigate or reduce the impact, and determine a course of action.

One thing that really astounds me, is the fact that the Technology team is normally tasked with BCM (no $, just work), but the BUSINESS is what BCM is all about. I have yet to see the IT Director telling the business to change their marketing, product line, etc., yet they are normally the ones tasked with protecting the business disruption to the customers. The major caviate is that the other Business Units aren't tasked to assist. They are focused on ROI, not strategic planning, I guess.

Unless the Focus comes from the top level management, including performance plans, then BCM is a nice thought (Protect the Organizational Resources).

I know of a IT department that has the capability of recovering operations within a reasonable time-frame, however the other business units don't have access to the data or applications. Some Plan. It met the DR requirements. Go figure.

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