Use an application AS different Domain User in Vista

By jcmoffitt ·
In our environment our Administrators run XP Pro sp2. They can log on to
the domain (AD) as their normal user account to do every day things like
read e-mail or whatever. When they need to fire up Hyena or DHCP Admin or
whatever they can right click on the icon on the desktop and they get a
logon as ___________ which enables them to logon with their superuser
account that has domain admin privileges. I am the brave one running Vista
Business and guess what. I can start an app by right clicking on the icon
and run as administrator. I do not get an option to enter in my domain/user
account that has domain admin priveleges on the domain. I tried turning off
user UAC and of course that did not do the trick. Any ideas would be
appreciated. In the mean time I have to do a remote desktop session to one
of my servers and just do everything from there.

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Unfortunately I'm not as yet silly enough to place Vista

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Use an application AS dif ...

Into that situation but I can suggest that you try the Windows Vista Community for a possible answer to this as they may know

As you are running the Business version of Vista depending on what type of version it is you can either ring the supplier for Technical Support if it's OEM or M$ if it's either Volume License or Retail either one of those should be able to answer your question as they have to support what they sell and know most of the ways to make the units work correctly. Though as it is so new that will naturally be unable to answer all the questions about possible Security Breaches in the OS. That will only come with time and attacks that get stopped.


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Use Cmd.exe and type runas.exe

by ADAM H. In reply to Use an application AS dif ...

To run Hyena, create a shortcut to the program then modify its properties under the "Shortcut" tab and add the following line to "Target:"

C:\Windows\System32 runas.exe /noprofile /env /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME "C:\Program Files\Hyena\HYENA.exe"

This can be used for any program, just modify the location of the executable.

Hope this helps!

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