Use Cisco 2821 with SSL2VPN Module as a VPN Concentrator

By erikg ·
I have a 10 Mb Fibre connection coming into our office... It is connected to a 2821 ISR that is doing NAT, etc... I have had issues in the past getting site to site VPN's working on it... The company recently purchased another 2821 with the SSLVPN module in it. I am wondering if I can set this router up strictly for VPN and remote access to offload VPN the primary router. I want to give the VPN Router one of my public IP's and route all VPN traffic from the main router to the VPN router. I think this will work but was wondering if anyone has done this in the past and could provide some sample configs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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If you work with Cisco equipment then you ought to know the answer

by CG IT In reply to Use Cisco 2821 with SSL2V ...

and any company with very expensive Cisco equipment is not going to allow someone who does not have at least a CCNP certification with real world experience, configure them.

Further, if the company bought very expensive Cisco equipment, then they most likely purchased TAC support. A simple call or email to Cisco TAC support would answer the question and more.

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Thanks for the help

by erikg In reply to If you work with Cisco eq ...

Your post was very helpful

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No it wasn't and besides, if you have experience with Cisco

by CG IT In reply to Thanks for the help

then you wouldn't have asked the question here because there are tons of how-to articles on Cisco's web site as well as thousands of how-to's on the web.

There are hundreds of sites devoted to Cisco stuff and revolve around the CCENT, CCNA, CCNP certifications.

So asking for a running-config file on how to get a site to site VPN working isn't going to cut it.

Post your config, Netman might take a look and see where a problem might be....

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