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Use concurrent engineering principals

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
Do you use concurrent engineering (CE) in your software projects, as discussed in this week's Application Developer Management e-newsletter? What benefits do you think your organization would realize from incorporating concurrent engineering into your development environment? Share your thoughts on CE with your peers.

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Been around a long time!

by viveka In reply to Use concurrent engineerin ...

Anyone who has handled a Y2k project over a million lines of code has used concurrent engineering. The first module will be a pilot, followed by 2 concurrent modules, and scaled to 6-8 modules.

Most efficient developent projects after prototypesconcurrently develop databases, server components and UI concurrently. Tools like RUP shorten the design to delivery to such a small window, that now the challenge is to do concurrent Designs. Web services architectures hopes to create an independence in this area!

There is some merit in this approach, but I like some of the XP approaches and suggestions by the author much better.

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From the author...

by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Been around a long time!

The point of the article was not to introduce CE as something new but rather to reaffirm the steps involved. Many project leads I have spoken to, especially those who are relatively new to project management, have never made the connection between project management principals and those tried and blue of CE. The other point was to point out that, even though CE has been around, new research has been conducted into formalizing the approach for software development. Read some of the titles on thelink provided, and you will see that some of this can be quite interesting.


ADM Author

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Been around even longer than that

by ErickTreetops In reply to Use concurrent engineerin ...

The concept you are talking about was used as far back as the 1940's when engineering projects during the second world war became vast and deadlines (all those bombs dropping) were tight. The first mention of them that I know of was by english manufacturers of wartime projects during the second world war. Sot that makes this method about 63 years old. I seem to remember learning a method to map and track suck projects during my statistics classes while at University back in the early 90's. I't possible to determine which part of a project can be run in parralell with another and even how one late stream will affect the completion date.

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