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Use IE in Kiosk mode via Citrix

By BearyAnn ·
I am trying to publish out new time clock software which is Internet based. I did some research and want to publish it in kiosk mode to that the user sees only the program and not the menu bar or any IE options. When I launch it in this manner on my Citrix servers or on an XP machine it works fine. However if I launch it via an ICA connection the program has a type of Strobe Effect, it loads, flashes, loads,flashes, repeat.

Any suggestions?? I have checked the Citrix website, that is where I learned about the kiosk mode option but have not found the answer to this delima. Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advace.

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Couple of thoughts....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Use IE in Kiosk mode via ...

Check the properties for the RDP and ICA connectors in the Terminal Services Configuration Window. Sometimes, an errant checkbox here or there can have some undesired effects.

You may also have to dial down/set the display settings for the app...depending on what the clients can handle.

Let me know what resolves the issue.

Good luck!

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by BearyAnn In reply to Couple of thoughts....

Thanks for replying.

I checked all settings. Didn't find any errant check mark. I even tried some check marks just in case. All other apps run just fine. If I leave off the -k in the command it works fine. As soon as I enter it the strobe begins. Any other ideas?

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Vendor resolved

by BearyAnn In reply to Settings

After many phone calls and emails, the vendor finally agreed to give me an HTML, not a JAVA app. All went well after that.

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