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Use information against those who use it against you

By no ·
It is getting ridiculous in the US that you can not exist without sharing your information. In most states, driving is a privilegde not a right. To get a job you have to disclose your name, address, and social security number at a minimum. You simply can not exist without disclosing details about yourself.

So what can be done..... During the next presedential race people show gather as much information on the canidates as possible and disclose it all to the public. Candiate X was driving on this highway going 90 mph then he withdrew 10,000 dollars before going to a gay bar. Candidate Y was buying whips and hand cuffs from this bondage site on the internet and he regularly vists this dominatrix.

I have been know to provide bad information to those that are gathering it. According to my frequent shopping card for the supermarket I am the oldest living person in the world and I live in the whitehouse.

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